Jennifer Touch ‘Moon In Aries’

Berlin-based Jennifer Touch presents the three track ‘Moon In Aries’ EP, her first ever self-released EP, which is out now and exclusive to Bandcamp. 

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With April’s New Moon in Aries just around the corner (April 12) and promising to give us all a fresh start, the self-released ‘Moon In Aries’ EP comes from the bottom of Jennifer Touch’s heart and is inspired by new wave, synth-pop, electronica and Krautrock. Jennifer Touch’s recent releases on FatCat Records, Riotvan and Keinemusik have been supported by Curses, Adam Port, Reznik, Michael Mayer, Panthera Krause, and Kolsch, amongst others. 

Jennifer Touch said:

Times of abandonment, insight, gain, loss and power. 
Days of despair, of belief. I sit in my chair as if on a rock, 
perfectly balanced, exposed. Counting the days and my hair. 
It’s not over yet, it’s changing. It’s changing, it’s over. Listen back. 
The future is female and boys don’t cry. And the planets rise and 
fall and they cycle the moon, in and out of my head. 
There is so much to do. And I feel lazy. Synthesizers speak forever. 
This is just a reminder that I’m still here. We are still here.

The cover artwork for ‘Moon In Aries’ contains a handmade piece by the artist Birce Kirkova, an illustrator and producer who works under the moniker Penny Darko. She started this project 4 years ago called ‘I´m a face among faces’. After drawing them, she decided to try embroidery, and this is her first ever punch needle work, using traditional handicraft, once attributed to ‘woman at home’, to express ancient yet futuristic looking ide.

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