Jeremy Dion Returns with Folk-Laced-Bluegrass Release “Golden Some Day”

The Colorado-based singer/songwriter, Jeremy Dion, just released his newest single “Golden Some Day.” It’s an americana, folk, and bluegrass song that will entice your ears from start to finish.

Listen in here: 

Raised on a diet of Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, and John Denver, Jeremy was steeped in the soaring harmonies and technical guitar playing of the masters. Later gravitating towards rock & roll and bluegrass, Dion developed his unique “Mile High Americana” sound of contemporary folk and acoustic rock that is engaging, passionate, and honest. With a present voice, versatile guitar skills, and the insight of a therapist, Dion is emerging as a formidable songwriter.

With three albums – and his fourth on the way to be released in 2021 – plus countless gigs under his belt, Dion has proven himself as an artist. “Music is a chance to tell stories of pain and beauty,” says singer-songwriter Jeremy Dion. “I want my songs to make people feel something unexpected.”

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