Jeremy Rice Releases Latest Rock/Americana Single ‘The End Of The Highway’

Photo Credit: Lyne Daoust

Canadian artist ‘Jeremy Rice’ releases his latest Rock/Americana single ‘The End Of The Highway’ taken from Jeremy’s upcoming two-part album which shares the same name, with part one scheduled for release on October 14th and part two following closely after. 

Watch ‘The End Of The Highway’ 

‘The End of The Highway’  is a love story themed around the journey of life, in a musical homage to 70’s Americana. The highway acts as a metaphor for life and how the different directions you take can impact your journey. Behind this backdrop, the track introduces a love story between two people forced apart in their respective journeys by circumstances beyond their control. 

The track takes cues from 70’s Americana opening with an upbeat piano and harmonica arrangement that builds throughout the track, layering strings sections with classic rock-infused drums and electric guitar lines that frame Jeremy Rice’s impassioned vocal performance perfectly, resulting in a track that conveys a sense of optimism laced with nostalgia. 

Hailing from Newfoundland and now residing in Quebec, Jeremy Rice has been gaining traction through his mix of classic rock stylings, creative arrangements and enduring melodies. His 2019 debut album ‘Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa’ was released to critical praise garnering support from radio and press outlets across the globe. With the release of his latest single and the first instalment of his album ‘The End Of The Highway’, Rice looks to continue this trajectory as he delivers his signature sound to the world. 

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