Jillian Lee Antinora ‘Laid Down Your Love’

Photo Credit: Desiree

Based in Colorado, folk singer-songwriter Jillian Lee Antinora has an intriguing background in music. She studied at AMDA in NYC, is a member of Actor’s Equity Association, and has performed professionally in musical theatre, and on cruise ships. Outside music, she owns a real estate agency, is a mother of six, and is continuing to pursue her passion in music.

After she had her sixth child, Jillian Lee Antinora began exploring her love for music while learning how to play the guitar. Since then, she has written and performed her own music. She writes songs about her life – the good, the hard, and the messy. She has released two albums, Make My Day (2021), and Wash Over Me (2022), and a Christmas EP, Joys of Christmas (2021).

Jillian Lee Antinora returns with her brand-new folk track ‘Laid Down Your Love’. The well-crafted songwriting, alluring storytelling, along with her captivating vocals, will draw the listener in from the very first note.

The track includes country, blues, and folk sounds infusing the genres in an excellent manner. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, and her captivating vocals, Jillian Lee Antinora started with the lyrics for this song. She started with the words “you laid down your law today” talking about faltering under the pressure of trying to do what’s right and feeling lost and alone when looking toward the future. She then realised that ‘love’ sounded better than ‘law’, so she changed this.

On the music side, Jillian Lee Antinora was playing around with riffs, which were new for her at the time. She messed around with chords and was impressed by the way it all sounded. Then, once she was in the studio, she changed parts of it to get the timing right, and added more instruments.

Jillian Lee Antinora explains her inspiration, “‘Laid Down Your Love’ is about trying to hang on during that time in life when pressures are high and support and love are hard to find. It’s about getting through because there’s no other option.”

‘Laid Down Your Love’ is available on all streaming platforms.