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Jimi Somewhere “In My Car”

Jimi Somewhere/interview
Photo Credit: Martin Kopperud

Today, Jimi Somewhere shares his new single “In My Car” o his forthcoming debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay out February 5th, 2021 via Next Wave/Ultra Records. “In My Car” paints a portrait of the apprehension behind liking someone that you’re unsure feels the same way. Like its title and along with automobile sound eects, the track captures a feeling of driving to an unknown destination wrapped up in meditative solitude. While Jimi Somewhere is best known for sad songs with guitars, “In My Car” is more groove based but still carries the emotional weight of his previous coming-of-age endeavors.

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Jimi Somewhere says this of his new single:
“I spend and have spent so much of my life in cars. I love driving and it’s such a good thing for connecting, especially growing up in these small places where not much happens, you just end up driving around or sitting in a parking lot somewhere. This song is kind of just a story about this moment I had with a girl I was interested in and about driving around with her and being too
scared to really make a move, but still appreciating the ride. After I came up with the theme of the song we went down to my car and sampled a bunch of sounds to put into it—like the snare at the end is me closing my car door. In essence, we wanted the whole song to just feel like driving. The ending is supposed to simulate a crash as well to take it to the extreme.”

Towards the end of summer, Jimi released his single “Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill),” which was co-produced by his longtime collaborator Milo Orchis. With “Jesus,” Jimi drew inspiration from the grandiose and ‘larger than life’ songs from Christian summer camps. Beyond its sheeny surface is a delicate portrait of a life tangled up with frustration and confusion. “Jesus” is elevated by Jimi’s reective songwriting, vision in understanding pop’s power to invigorate weary minds, and the angelic
vocals of Kacy Hill. The “Jesus” music video was shot in Geilo, Norway and inuenced by Lord Of The Rings and other epic journey type lms.

Jimi shared “Bottle Rocket,” the rst single o his forthcoming LP, back in July. “Bottle Rocket” overows with excitement from its immense choruses and an electrifying sonic pattern. In 2019, Jimi released his sophomore EP Ponyboy—a collection of songs that presented a sonic escapism of interminable emotions and coming-of-age tales while serving as his momentous introduction.

Jimi Somewhere’s debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay is out February 5th, 2021.

More info:
Jimi Somewhere is the brainchild of Benjamin Schandy, a 22-year-old artist hailing from Hokksund, a picturesque town in Norway. Jimi Somewhere’s music is inuenced by the imaginative work of renowned lmmaker Spike Jonze and the eminent artistry of Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Abstract, and Frank Ocean. Jimi ties his contemplative lyrics with frenzy electropop, ornate hip-hop beats, trippy pop, and multi-layered vocals to produce his very own signature resonance. Jimi Somewhere has over 14M+ cumulative Spotify streams spanning ~200K monthly listeners. He’s been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Lorem, Oyster, and Fresh Finds playlists.

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