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Jimi Somewhere ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’

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Today, Jimi Somewhere shares his highly anticipated debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay via Next Wave/Ultra Records. The record signifies the feeling living in between adolescence and adulthood and embarking on a journey of personal identity. It effortlessly blends disparate genres into a charming and expansive sound that’s equally bold as it is vibrant. Nothing Gold Can Stay is comprised of 12 blissful tracks that unravel the beauty found in the little things in life while simultaneously taking a long, significant look at the bigger picture ahead.

Listen to ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’

Jimi Somewhere shares this of his first record:
“‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ is my whole adolescence wrapped up in 50 minutes. I started making it when I was 17 and I finished it at 21 with my closest friends. Some of it was recorded in my high school dorm room, some in iconic recording studios in LA, some in my mother’s basement, and some in my first apartment in Oslo. It’s an album about me & my friends, family, love, heartbreak, faith, doubt, insecurities, confidence, and the undeniable fact that everything ends. Not that the last thing is bad. You just have to enjoy all these moments of beauty you are in right now because you’ll miss them when they’re gone. That’s what it’s about. Nothing gold can stay.”
Nothing Gold Can Stay kicks off with “Stay,” an encouraging monologue held by Jimi’s friend James Quartz. It serves as a reminder to not get stuck in the past and to keep moving forward even if you don’t have it all figured out.

“Bottle Rocket,” the first single off the record, overflows with excitement from its immense choruses and an electrifying sonic pattern. This is Jimi Somewhere’s power pop / pop punk effort and he credits the inspiration for it from his love of Lorde, Elton John, and The All-American Rejects.
Towards the end of last summer, Jimi released his single “Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill).” With “Jesus,” Jimi drew inspiration from the grandiose and ‘larger than life’ songs from Christian summer camps. Here he paints a delicate portrait of a life tangled up with frustration and confusion. The track is elevated by Jimi’s reflective songwriting, vision in understanding pop’s power to invigorate weary minds, and Kacy Hill’s angelic vocals.
“Tears, 2016” is a breakup song and displays the confessional balladry of R&B. It’s about how memories still linger in your mind without having the solution of getting rid of them. “Acre” features Milo Orchis, Jimi Somewhere’s producer and best friend. An artist in his own right, Milo Orchis teams up with Jimi Somewhere on a gorgeous collaboration that has both of them reflecting on their lives and pushing beyond insecurities.
Jimi Somewhere released his single “In My Car” last fall. The track illustrates the apprehension behind liking someone that you’re unsure feels the same way. Like its title and along with automobile sound effects, “In My Car’ captures a feeling of driving to an unknown destination wrapped up in meditative solitude. While Jimi Somewhere is best known for sad songs with guitars, “In My Car” is more groove based but still carries the emotional weight of his previous coming-of-age endeavors.

“Wedding,” which was released in the winter, begins with reflection on the present and ends with focus on the future. Sonically, it’s a warm jaunt driven by acoustic sounds, subtle echoes of church bells, and Jimi’s usage of an accordion. “Wedding” is a deeply nuanced effort where yearning timbres and revelatory lyrics come together to create something undeniably singular.
“Confidence” is about finding the courage to make a move for someone you like and then building admiration for that person. The track features rapper Jon Waltz, an artist Jimi respected before becoming friends and working together. Jimi Somewhere once again transcends genre while displaying stark vulnerability with intimate minimalist pop and calming alt-R&B.
“Fireworks” is about the time Jimi Somewhere lost his virginity on New Years Eve. The song features moments of explosive beats and concludes with the sounds of shooting off fireworks. “Fireworks” travels at steady pace, slowly building momentum before erupting in pure ecstasy.
On “Moonrise,” Jimi pulled inspiration from the Wes Anderson film “Moonrise Kingdom.” The track reflects upon the special moments in your existence that feel larger than life and becoming overwhelmed, but in a positive way. It has this love conquers all sentiment that universally speaks to everyone.

Previous single “The World” signifies the emotional heaviness of long distance relationships performed behind Jimi’s signature multi-layered vocals and thrilling sonic arrangements. The penultimate track off the record serves as an enduring alt-pop effort with pitch-shifted vocal inflections, glistening beats, and an exhilarating shot of self-reflection.
Jimi Somewhere’s grand finale is the track “Golden.” Paying homage to Dream Koala’s “Gold” by sampling the track’s drums, Jimi’s effort is epic in every way. The song is about how everything golden comes with a cost, which could easily sum up the entire album. “Golden” features an adventurous production, beautiful lyricism, and an inspiring essence that lingers well beyond its final notes. It ends with a mini monologue with the final question, “What now?”
You can pre-save Jimi Somewhere’s debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay here.

More info:
Jimi Somewhere is the brainchild of Benjamin Schandy, a 22-year-old artist hailing from Hokksund, a picturesque town in Norway. Jimi Somewhere’s music is influenced by the imaginative work of renowned filmmaker Spike Jonze and the eminent artistry of Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Abstract, and Frank Ocean. Jimi ties his contemplative lyrics with frenzy electro-pop, ornate hip-hop beats, trippy pop, and multi-layered vocals to produce his very own signature resonance. In 2019, Jimi released his sophomore EP Ponyboy—a collection of songs that presented a sonic escapism of interminable emotions and coming-of-age tales while serving as his momentous introduction. Jimi Somewhere has over 16M+ cumulative Spotify streams spanning ~200K monthly listeners. He’s been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Lorem, Oyster, and Fresh Finds playlists.

Jimi Somewhere – The World (Music Video)
Jimi Somewhere – The World
Jimi Somewhere – Wedding
Jimi Somewhere – In My Car
Jimi Somewhere – Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill) (Music Video)
Jimi Somewhere – Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill)
Jimi Somewhere – Bottle Rocket (Music Video)
Jimi Somewhere – Bottle Rocket
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Jimi Somewhere – ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ Tracklist:

  1. Stay
  2. Bottle Rocket
  3. Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill)
  4. Tears, 2016
  5. Acre (feat. Milo Orchis)
  6. In My Car
  7. Wedding
  8. Confidence (feat. Jon Waltz)
  9. Fireworks
  10. Moonrise
  11. The World
  12. Golden

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