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Joe Lewandowski blends psychedelic italo and dark disco for lonely dancers

Tailored Communication
artist Joe Lewandowski
title Ordinary Things & Other Problems
label Amsem Records
date 19/02/2021
format Digital
cat. # AMSEM006
Artwork by Gabriel Mester.

1. Storm Eyes
2. Regazzi
3. Bitter Sweet
4. Kingdom Of God

Amsem is proud to announce the next release of Joe Lewandowski. On ‘Ordinary Things & Other Problems’, Joe Lewandowski channels House, Dark Disco and Post-Punk to create an intoxicating late-night soundtrack for the lonely dancers. Each track of the EP builds up its own puzzling universe, whether it’s the dark and lustful undertones of ‘Regazzi’ and ‘Storm Eyes’ or the dreamier, care-free landscapes of ‘Bitter Sweet’ and ‘Kingdom Of God’. The result is an unexpected psychedelic trip where distorted guitars and banging Italo baselines collide, from the mind of someone who still daydreams of foggy dancefloors.