John Lynch Releases New Historical EP – 1922

 Photo Credit: Ben Kelly

After the release of singles ‘Guardians’, a tale about the chimney towers of Dublin, and his take of classic folk song ‘Dark Horse On The Wind’ John Lynch now gets ready to release his fantastic new EP ‘1922’ on August 4th.

The songwriter’s skills are showcased in full on this 6 track album, where he epitomises what it means to be a folk singer of today. John uses narrative and critical thought to bring us on a journey with his music. His knowledge of Irish history is obvious, but educating others through song and tune is a unique skill in itself, which he possesses in spades.

Title track 1922 starts off the album with intent, in a satire yet political number where John speaks from the point of view of the proletariat; the forgotten working class in a bid to capture the attention of the powers that be. If you know John Lynch’s catalogue, it’s no surprise. He’s a man of the people.

Next is the equally upbeat ‘Johnny Jump Up’ which gives us a similar flavour, albeit more lighthearted. As the EP moves on, we hear the ballad ‘Sands Of Time’, and the conversational (and exceptional) ‘Glow of the Kerosene Light’. Once we reach the final two songs, things take a slightly darker turn in the classic ‘Dark Horse on the Wind’, before a fitting tribute to his hometown, Dublin, in ‘Guardians’.

“The process of making this EP was much more relaxed than previous experiences with my first album “City Stars” (2021) .I collaborated with the Dublin Studio Hub and Larry Hogan for a number of years now and we kind of evolved the sound very much going back to the old tradition of storytelling through song. Making this  EP felt  very much like it wrote and produced itself. We just channelled the right energy and the music happened”.

All in all ‘1922’ is a sort of trust you build with the John Lynch, as he travels with you on a journey of self-discovery, not only in yourself, but in your identity as an Irish person. In the process, you learn more than you thought you could. The EP will be out on the 4th of August across Digital Streaming Platforms.


In August of 2021, John Lynch released his debut album ‘City Stars’, which received national airplay and Hot Press claimed “further establishes John as one of the countries most promising singer-songwriters”. 

Since then, the last 18 months have been anything but quiet. He continued to gather momentum by selling out the Sugar Club, as well as selling out his UK dates. Previously, John shared the bill with the likes of Christy Moore, Jerry Fish, Mary Coughlan and more, which reflects the level of talent he possesses.

From his working closely with Larry Hogan (John Spillane, KILA) of Dublin Studio Hub, John has crafted his own style in meshing together Irish folk with a contemporary twist. A new catalog of original songs dealing with historical and current themes is set for release, on his new six-track EP ‘1922’.

2023 is looking to continue this trend with a string of singles, his new EP and further live dates and festival appearances.