Jordan Paul  “New Thang.”

The new single from Kaua’i singer songwriter Jordan Paul for “New Thang.” Drawing influence from artists such as Bruno Mars, Mac Ayres, Samm Henshaw, and Daniel Caesar, Jordan fuses a diverse range of pop, R&B and soul elements for his own brilliant, signature sound. 

“New Thang” is a vibrant anthem about that exciting rush you get when you meet someone new; your palms sweat, you get nervous, you even check your phone multiple times a day to see if they’ve messaged you. When this happens, nothing else seems to matter, and you crave that New Thang— the unintended consequences? Catching feelings. 

Produced by Tim Rose, the song effortly blends pop, R&B, funk and soul for the ultimate end of summer jam.

Listen to “New Thang” 

Jordan Paul is a singer songwriter born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i. With his incredibly versatile vocal abilities, Jordan Paul has made his presence known since his debut single “Elsewhere” released in April, 2021, followed by “Cloud Nine” and the “Live from the Treehouse” EP. Inspired by many different artists, such as Bruno Mars, Mac Ayres, Samm Henshaw, Smokey Robinson and more, he has a unique blend of sounds that are pleasing to the ears and soul. Jordan Paul is a full time working/gigging musician, doing weekly gigs all over Kaua’i. In July he was featured on “School Night at home – Los Angeles” hosted by Chris Douridas on a Twitch live stream. He regularly shares the stage and produces music with Polydor recording artist Eli Smart.