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Josh Cumbee ‘Sound Of Your Name’ Zonderling Remix

Josh Cumbee - Sound Of Your Name (Zonderling Remix) - Single

Today, the California native multi-hyphenate artist, songwriter and producer Josh Cumbee
releases Zonderling remix of his debut single ‘Sound Of Your Name’.
The original song released back in February was inspired by a fairly traumatic relationship
ending Josh went through. It came together and formed as him and producer Jay Denton were
jamming in the room. The song hinged on the idea that “when you lose someone, the sound of
their name is never the same to you after they have once meant something to you”.
The Dutch future house music duo Zonderling, who’s collaboration with Belgian DJ Lost
Frequencies’ “Crazy” has over 170 million streams on Spotify, has taken the track and added
their own twist to it. Speaking of the outcome, the duo says, “we thought the vocal was
inviting to do a relatively slow ‘dragging’ drop, which emphasizes how epic it is. This
remix is one we feel is both suitable to play out in a dark club (just not right now) as well
as something you can listen to on headphones if you’re interested in electronic music and
sound design in general”.

Listen to the track here:

Josh, who has collaborated with the duo in the past on the track “Lifetime (feat. Damon
Sharpe)” and has been a fan of theirs from even before time, gratefully shares his thoughts.
“‘Sound of Your Name’ was a really special song for me; from writing it with Jay Denton,
to producing over 8 versions of the song, it took a lot of time, energy, and heart to do it
justice. When the amazing gents of Zonderling agreed to do the remix, the song took on a
whole new special life of its own. Recontextualized in a thoughtfully produced new sonic
landscape, to me the ‘Sound of Your Name’ remix is the perfect balance of a song you can
cry to when you’re sad or dance to when you’re happy – so grateful to Zonderling for
bringing this beautiful version to life! The Zonderling guys make truly incredible music – I
was a fan before our first collaboration ‘Lifetime’, and all the more excited that they
agreed to bring a beautiful new version of my first single ‘Sound of Your Name’ to life.
Their style is distinctive and innovative, and they’re truly an inspiration to work with every

“Sound Of Your Name (Zonderling Remix)” is Josh’s first release following “Worth Missing
(Fedde Le Grand Remix)” that came out in July 2020. Even the current situation with Covid-19
where much of what used to be ‘normal’ has been restricted, he never fails to write and produce
other artists of many countries. In the last several months he’s provided work for K-POP stars,
as well as participated on DJ and producer Damon Sharpe’s upcoming single “Lost Years”
scheduled to come out on November 6th from Armada Records.
We can’t help but to anticipate what lies a head of Josh’s exciting journey