Joshua J drops ‘Call Me’ music video and follow up single ‘No Reply’

Amsterdam, February 19th 2020 – After delighting fans globally with the release of ‘Call Me’, Joshua J returns with the official music video along with the stunning follow up single ‘No Reply’.


The two records released only weeks apart are a juxtaposition of each other and are part of Joshua J’s ‘Better Times’ EP. “On ‘Call Me’ I’m basically saying that the person who I used to date can always call me if she needs a hand to hold. On ‘No Reply’ I explain that I’m not settling for anything less than what I’m envisioning. Everything that doesn’t meet the expectations will receive ‘no reply’”, says Joshua J.

‘No Reply’ treads a similar textural path to ‘Call Me’, but with woozy chords and a tight beat underpinning a more rapid, complex lyrical flow from Joshua. A bright, optimistic bridge leads us to a beautiful chorus where his soaring vocals are contrasted against classic ‘90s hip-hop feels. The jazzy bassline carries the gorgeous collage of sound that perfectly complements Joshua’s soothing tones.

Joshua J’s ‘Better Times’ EP which consists of six tracks that were written in 2019 right after the release of his debut album ‘1998’.

Joshua J: “‘1998’ was about my youth growing up in foster care, away from all biological family members except for my younger sister. On the ‘1998’ release day I moved away from a village to live in Amsterdam. After making that decision I started making notable developments on both musical and personal levels. I became surrounded by more like minded individuals and got some really great opportunities because of the album’s release. For the first time it felt like I could leave behind the hardships I went through and focus more on the now. The ‘Better Times.”

Joshua J has proven himself to be a massive talent to keep your eyes on and these first two tracks off the upcoming EP make big promises for the rest to come.


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