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JULIANA. Debut Single “Call It Quits” Out Now!

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Who am I?
As I gaze in your deep blue eyes
You turned me into someone new
I‘m not me when I’m with you
I’m missing out on my worth
you’re bringing me down
It’s clear to me, I cannot deny
I got tangled up in all your white lies
No more tears left to cry
Not this time
This is over, step aside
I was your girl, up until now
–Lyrics from “Call It Quits”

Los Angeles, CA – September 30, 2020 – Southern California-born and based pop singer and songwriter JULIANA. has released her debut single “Call It Quits” along with its accompanying music video. Over glassy keys and a shimmering beat, JULIANA. details the breaking point of a breakup through straightforward lyrics without filter as she urges, “get your shit off my couch” and “let’s call it quits now.” PRESS HERE to download/stream “Call It Quits” and PRESS HERE to watch the official music video for the empowering pop song, directed by Vika Petlakh, which beautifully captures the Los Angeles native’s vibe.

“I couldn’t feel more humbled and honored to be able to share my first single and first music video with the world,” says JULIANA. “I’ve put my absolute heart and soul into writing, recording, and filming the song and video in hopes that it resonates with people who need a boost of confidence, energy and empowerment in their lives.”

“For the music video, I wanted to honor my background of being born and raised in L.A., which is why we picked the locations, including a house in West Hollywood and a studio in Silver Lake,” she adds about the video. “We decided to play with the concept of lighting to show a progression of growth as it mirrors the lyrics of the song. The music video starts with lighter colors to express uncertain direction and confusion in my life. As the video progresses, you see my strength and the colors both become bolder as I start to realize my own power and find the value of my self-worth, just like in the lyrics. Filming this video was such a liberating moment for me! I hope anyone viewing it feels the same thing.”

Through eloquent songcraft, graceful instrumentation, and dynamic vocals, JULIANA. says what’s on her mind and converts raw feelings and real stories into chantable, powerful anthems. Having grown up surrounded by music, JULIANA. made her onstage debut at 11-years-old, began writing songs in high school, and notably made it past the infamous “Hollywood Round” of American Idol when she was a teenager. However, a series of physical trials and tribulations while in Boston for college prevented her from singing for over two years. She completed her studies back in L.A. in order to recover from a successful surgery and focus on her mental health. With newfound stability and her voice back intact, JULIANA. moved to New York City for a fresh perspective. It was there that she re-discovered her songwriting and deep-rooted love of music.

JULIANA. has found inspiration in her songwriting from the likes of Julia MichaelsZara Larsson, and Hailee Steinfeld, who use their raw and personal lyrics to preach body positivity, sex positivity and female empowerment. Artists such as Astrid SBebe Rexha and Ellie Goulding have also inspired her in crafting her personal sound. After years of honing her skills, JULIANA. is ready to make her musical introduction to the world through her empowering pop songs. Nothing is off limits when it comes to her songwriting; she writes about any topic or feeling that comes to her, including love, heartbreak, depression, manipulation and independence. As a young woman who’s dealt with various obstacles and life experiences, JULIANA. wants to bring positivity, empowerment, acceptance and control through her lyrics and sound to help and heal others.

“When you listen to my music, I want you to know that someone else is also feeling what you’re feeling in that moment,” she shares. “Music is a form of expression, but it’s also a form of healing. Life isn’t always easy, and we as individuals are bound to go through ups and downs. I want to be able to share these moments and show that there is strength in the darkness and beauty in the light. I want to bring positivity, empowerment, acceptance and control through my lyrics and sound. It’s the reason I do what I do…and I love every second.”

Look for more music from JULIANA. to follow soon!

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