Los Angeles, CA — K-Pop group, ONEUS, have released their highly anticipated 7th Mini Album, [TRICKSTER]. An album about facing the unknown and taking on life’s challenges without hesitation, [TRICKSTER] refers to those who reverse the ending of their story with just one hand. Hwanwoong contributed to the choreography for “Bring It On,” a track that melts both Drill and Trap genres on a strong brass line. [TRICKSTER] as a whole brings the wishes of everyone in the unkind world to the surface; Good and Evil, Happy Ending and Sad Ending. At the dangerous borderline between the dichotomous basic system and transformation, [TRICKSTER] can shake the system and overturn the ending to get the desired result at any time.




[TRICKSTER] continues the story that started with their first full-length album [DEVIL], which was released in January 2021. ONEUS embodied the message of “do whatever you really want” throughout the [DEVIL] album. Now, with [TRICKSTER], this album is expressing the series of choices we have to make every day with the message; “one choice can reach a turning point in your life.” In a world full of question marks, we will relentlessly advance and we are all protagonists who deserve a happy ending. [TRICKSTER] is a new leap forward for the various facets ONEUS has shown in the past and will in the future. Rapper, RAVN, regularly participates in writing and producing ONEUS tracks; and he participated in writing 6 of the 7 tracks on [TRICKSTER]. Rapper Leedo also helped write 3 tracks, along with composing on “Skydivin’.”

This album comes fresh off the band’s month-long Blood Moon U.S. tour, which included fourteen stops all across the country. Named by Billboard as a “K-Pop Act To Watch,” this was the band’s second U.S. Tour since their debut in January of 2019. They wasted no time infiltrating the states and impressing concertgoers from city to city; making appearances on FUSETeen VogueElleiHeartSeventeenRolling StoneGood Day New YorkMTV News and many more.

ONEUS is a South Korean Boy band consisting of six members: RAVN, SEOHO, LEEDO, KEONHEE, HWANWOONG, XION. The group released their debut EP, LIGHT US, on January 9, 2019, which ranked #1 on the US, Australia, UK, and Canada’s iTunes K-pop Album chart. The title song “Valkyrie” also reached the Top 10 chart in seven countries.  

Less than a year after their 2019 debut, ONEUS was seen on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart for their high social engagement. They remained on the chart for over eight consecutive weeks, showing its force among the 4th generation K-pop artists. This feat came nearly a month after the No. 15 debut of their 2019 EP, FLY WITH US, on the Oct. 12-dated World Albums tally.   

On November 10, 2021, they assured their global influence by entering iTunes Album Chart Top 5 in 14 countries (Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, Turkey, and more) with their sixth mini-album, BLOOD MOON. This album illustrates unique characteristics that connect past and present, through conceptual and Asiatic themes. Focus track “LUNA” off the BLOOD MOON mini album sticks to their roots; like many of their previous releases. The track was composed with an oriental musical instrument and Korean traditional flute, Pili. Vocalist Seoho elaborates; “We want to show more elements of Korea’s traditional culture, but we don’t want to be tied to a specific genre.”