Kalpee and fellow Caribbean musicians Rys Thompson and Kwami Morrison lit up the stage at Music Matters Live in Singapore. Island Wave is Kalpee’s label dedicated to highlighting the music of Caribbean artists on a global scale. Through the creation of Caribbean stages at music festivals such as SXSW and Music Matters, funded travel opportunities for Caribbean artists, and awareness campaigns, Kalpee hopes to bring the music of the West Indies to the forefront of the international music scene. 

Kalpee’s recent performance at Music Matters in Singapore showcases the joyful, energetic, celebration that always occurs when Island Wave comes through. The recorded set captures Kalpee dancing through the audience, cheering on his electric guitarist Kwami, and offering up inspirational words of wisdom to the crowd in between tracks. Kalpee magnetizes the room with his unreleased, cathartic new single “Breathe” at the center of his set. He engages the audience by taking a deep breath together followed by a mesmerizing guitar solo from Kwami Morrison. Kalpee’s lyrics reflect his deep love for his home in Trinidad and Tobago, and desire to push Caribbean music to the surface to share the magic of the West Indies with the world. Kalpee sings, “Long days we sat by the ocean. Face up, feel the breeze on the coast.” Kalpee’s set at Music Matters in Singapore is a must-watch blissful release of global love and communal joy. 

After an incredible reception in Singapore, Island Wave was offered to host the very first Caribbean stage the following year at Music Matters Live 2023. Additionally, Island Wave will return to SXSW in 2023 to host a lineup of more than 30 different Caribbean musicians. Kalpee is delighted to share his passion for music of the West Indies across the globe and uplift other artists who share his love by giving them a stage to stand on. 

About Kalpee

Kalpee Is a rising artist from Trinidad & Tobago and part of a new generation of Caribbean musicians pushing a fresh tropical sound aptly named “New Calypso”. Having just spent 3 weeks in the UK MusicWeek Black Chart Top 20 after peaking at #4, Kalpee continues to build on the explosive success of this year’s music releases which saw coverage from all sides of the globe. Radio support came from the likes of Capital Xtra, BBC 1xtra, Amazing Radio, BBC London and Slam, while in press Kalpee gained accolades from Notion, Wonderland, Clash and Wordplay Magazine, praising his spellbinding soulful melodies and modern fusion of Calypso, dancehall, and reggae rhythms.  

Kalpee has previously worked with platinum recording superstar Stefflon Don on his sun-soaked single “Gimme De Ting”,‘ & Jamaican “Lightening” singer Mortimer on their “Lessons”release. He has also worked with an elite line up of Grammy Award winning producers & writers including: Carla Marie Williams (Beyonce, Sean Paul), Yei Gonzales (Diplo, Dj Khaled) & The Anmls (The Weeknd, Future, BANKS, Belly, French Montana).

About Island Wave:

Founded in 2021 by Trinbagonian artist Kalpee and his manager Miss Vivianna and now the Official Caribbean Stage at SXSW Austin Texas and Music Matters Singapore in summary, “Island Wave” provides funding and creates spaces on stages which would not usually cater for a line-up of established and talented emerging Caribbean musical artists.  

Island Wave endeavors to create opportunities for Caribbean heritage music to belong and be performed globally at established international events. It makes way for Caribbean participation at events that would not usually cater for Caribbean music by being able to fill sections or entire shows.
The platform has 3 pillars of activation: Commercial Events, Creative Industries and Community Outreach.

It provides the opportunity for artists to participate at both commercial festivals, where artists are paid to perform, and creative industry festivals, which are unpaid but offer artists the opportunity to be seen by industry professionals and network for further opportunities.

Additionally, community-led Island Wave also has development initiatives that include a tour of historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the USA, which touches upon the heritage and culture of Caribbean music, the impact of positive music on mental health and mental health awareness (especially men’s mental health within the Caribbean communities), and more recently, Island Wave is working with the Global Gift Foundation to host the very 1st Global Gift Gala in the Caribbean in 2022 to benefit local charities within the West Indies.

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