Kami Kehoe releases latest single “loaded gun”

Kami Kehoe is officially popping off.The Vegas-based pop-funk rock artist is set to release her newest single ‘loaded gun’ on January 26th,which will be herthird release under Grass Feb Music.The single release will be accompanied by a lyric video.Filled with Kami’s signature sultry vocals, ‘loaded gun’ send the sass right back to her ex-lover,sticking true to her no-holds barred approach to songwriting.Punchy drums and harmonic distorted guitar rounds out the production,creating a release that is sure to reverberate in the heads of all those that hear it.

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Her latest singles ’emetionally unavailable’ and ‘berak my heart’ have garnered over 100.000 streams and have been placed on multiple editorial playlists.Additionally, she received support from Spotify for Artist’s IG page as they posted her for canvas of the week.

Kami is also gearing up to release her first album,titled ‘drama queen’,which set to release this March and ranges from heart-wrenching messages to ‘brattier’ topics,focusing on the emotional aspects of life.’drama queen’ showcases her ability to weave together different styles and genres while creating a cohesive experience, proving that Kami is set to take the world by storm.

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