In 1969, a 25-year-old single woman, Norma McCorvey using the pseudonym “Jane Roe”, challenged the criminal abortion laws in Texas – forbade abortion as unconstitutional, except in cases where the mother’s life was in danger. Ms McCorvey was pregnant with her third child when she filed the case, and alleged that she had been raped. But the case was rejected and she was forced to give birth. In 1973 her appeal made it to the US Supreme Court, where her case was heard alongside that of a 20-year-old, Sandra Bensing. By a vote of seven to two, the court justices ruled that governments lacked the power to prohibit abortions, and judged that a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy was protected by the US constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Mississippi’s ban on abortions and in doing so, it has effectively ended the constitutional right to an abortion for millions of US women. Individual states are now able to ban the procedure again, with the universal expectation that half of the country is expected to introduce new restrictions or bans imminently – removing basic human rights synonymously.

On June 25th, 2022 Kanika protested in front of the Supreme Court just 1 day after Roe V Wade was overturned. With bull horn and 4 yo daughter in hand, she marched and sang ‘It’s My Body’ which caught the attention of Australian 10 News First journalist. The real life protest was taped in front of The Supreme Court where she was also interviewed for the news channel.

An activist curator and cultural spokesperson, KANIKA is a musician native to Baltimore, who deeply resonates with the injustices occurring on our doorstep. Previously released as a neo-soul track in 2022, ‘It’s My Body’ was one of the highly anticipated songs teased from her 3rd solo album, coming Spring this year. Invoking and facilitating conversations around important societal themes, Kanika’s work truly embodies the meaning of unity, female empowerment, and freedom of expression. Despite centralizing upon heavy topics, such music proves technically beautiful and atmospheric. Known for layering up-tempo dance tracks with soulful ballads over rock guitar, Kanika proves undefined by genre with the recent release of ‘It’s My Body’ CLUB REMIX. Coupled with thought provoking lyricism through a dance beat and powerful vocals, this party track encompasses a melodic narration of lived experiences from the United States as we approach an important time: January 22nd marking the 50th Anniversary of Roe V Wade.