Kartell drops hazy Franc Moody remix of ‘Time’ Ft. Qendresa & Coops

French producer Kartell ropes in London funk-electronic collective Franc Moody for a stunning remix for ‘Time’ Ft. Qendresa & Coops due this November through Roche Musique. 

Subtle, understated poignant synth-lines fuse seamlessly over the original production, creating a lush, complex soundscape that breathes new life into the song. Kartell says: “Franc Moody has been killing it with their recent releases, and their psych-disco always catches me. Their version of ‘Time feat. Qendresa & Coops’ is a groovy disco heater, warping a tense and enigmatic 70’s sound with a hint of dub that really shines a new light on the second single from my latest EP ‘Daybreak’”.

Kartell’s latest EP Daybreak conveys the same atmosphere and represents an important step in his career. It’s a more concrete release, more chiseled, where the house sound captures accurately the colors, the temperatures, the favorite images from the 31-year-old producer, the orange from the scorching afternoons on the beach and the blue from the cold nights on top of cliffs. To be honest, it is an artistic declaration of faith.

Less than a year after the release of his comeback EP, Kartell gives it a new breath with four remixes, always playing with the shades of light. Presenting this project going from funky-pop sounds to indie electronic-dance groove, the cast is on point : Franc Moody, Cody Currie, DJ Counselling & The Code.