Kartell drops rolling deep-house tinged DJ Counselling remix for ‘Stay’ feat Tim Atlas

French producer Kartell is pleased to announce a brand new DJ Counselling remix of ‘Stay’ feat Tim Atlas due this January through Roche Musique. 

Veteran London producer DJ Counselling delivers an organic, unfiltered deep-house influenced rework of the original track, fusing intricate, groove-laden melodies alongside Tim Atlas’ emotive lyrical flow. Kartell says: “DJ Counselling completely switches this one to an emotional club experience. The track almost feels like a deep dive to the abyss, with shades of blue and the echoes of Tim’s voice.”

Kartell’s latest EP Daybreak conveys the same atmosphere and represents an important step in his career. It’s a more concrete release, more chiseled, where the house sound captures accurately the colors, the temperatures, the favorite images from the 31-year-old producer, the orange from the scorching afternoons on the beach and the blue from the cold nights on top of cliffs. To be honest, it is an artistic declaration of faith.

Less than a year after the release of his comeback EP, Kartell gives it a new breath with four remixes, always playing with the shades of light. Presenting this project going from funky-pop sounds to indie electronic-dance groove, the cast is on point : Franc Moody, Cody Currie, DJ Counselling & The Code.

As a teenager, Kartell was curious about everything and his bedroom would turn into a workroom where he would conduct experiments. After trying out the guitar and the drums in a jazz school in Tours, Kartell started to produce his own tunes on his computer. From the beginning, his music is soaked in warmth, tinged with a melancholia that comes with the golden hour while facing the open sea and all the other sceneries of the world where the horizon surges. Soon, he moved in Paris, and Kartell discovers a whole new world. Late nights in clubs in Pigalle and encounters with a thousand and one people who love and make the same rhythm. He keeps making his music and it takes on more personality: all in twists and turns, swarming with loops and variations, hypnotic highs and lows, enthusiasm intertwined with melancholia at a 100 BPM.
In 2012, Kartell meets the famous Cezaire and they become fast friends. So, when the latter founds his record label, Roche Musique, Kartell is the first to be signed on. Immediately after, he releases his first EP, Riviera. And all of a sudden, the pace picks up. With the successive induction of FKJ, Darius or Dabeull and Crayon, Roche Musique assert themselves as one of the main spokespeople for the new electronic music in France, while Kartell travels from recording booth to recording booth. There is the residency at the Wanderlust, the famous club in Paris for when the days stretch on, the sets that become a regular thing on the already famous stage of the Social Club and the successive tours in Europe and the whole world: South Korea, or Colombia, or the American West Coast. Each of Kartell’s sets, be it underground or in front of the ocean, are unreleased bits and pieces of tunes unearthed here and there along his travels and encounters.
At the same time, Kartell remixes numerous tracks and releases them on the fly. He also produces new EPs and in 2016, the renowned Last Glow is released. This house project imbued with a wide range of colors, shows Kartell’s curiosity, his need to never stay idle and explore music as much as possible to create contrasts and collisions. Since then, the producer has spent his time touring, alone or with his acolytes from Roche Musique. He also took this time during his travels to renew and rethink his music. A new lease of life that is found in Tides, a track released in 2018 and a collaboration between Kartell and English producer SG Lewis, with the clear notes moving forwards and then, suddenly, diving into an endless cosmos.