Kash Kaaria ‘Si Unipende’

Photo credit: @Muma_pix

Kenyan Afro-Pop artist Kash Kaaria unveils her vibrant new single ‘Si Unipende’ (‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ in Swahili). Known for her eclectic sound Kash Kaaria draws inspiration from her Swahili African roots. Kash Kaaria’s music combines the rich rhythms and melodies of her heritage with electronic beats, resulting in a harmonious blend of classical and futuristic elements. 


‘Si Unipende’ is no different, a lively track that incorporates a blend of afro-electronic elements with Kash Kaaria’s soulful vocal performance that integrates both English and Swahili lyrics to create a fusion of sounds unique to her. The upbeat nature of the track counters its meaning with the track exploring themes of unrequited love. The track also features prominent Kenyan artist, Ndovu Kuu whose catchy, yet paradoxical verse perfectly complements Kash in what might be one of the summer’s best songs. The duo strike a perfect chord in their different styles. Overall the track contrasts its emotional narrative with pulsating rhythms and uplifting soundscape to create an infectious Afro-pop single with plenty of emotional depth. 

Born and raised in Kenya and now residing in London, Kash Kaaria has performed extensively at local events and festivals throughout Kenya, including an electrifying opening act for Grammy award winner Koffee at Blankets and Wine in 2018. Since then Kaaria’s continued honing her sound as she delves into the depths of the human experience, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and affirmations. Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘STRINGS ATTACHED,’ in 2021, she has been diligently working on her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Acme,’ which comprises two volumes. Showcasing her versatility and musical talent, this album promises to be a dynamic and innovative fusion of genres. ‘Si Unipende’ is the first track to be released from this body of work offering listeners a taste of things to come.