Kaylee Patterson shares new video for “Time Machine”

Elegant, quirky and impossible to ignore – welcome to the eclectic world of Kaylee Patterson, an immensely talented singer-songwriter from Montréal. 

Watch Here :

Kaylee can usually be found jamming out on TikTok sharing her wildly unpopular opinions and rocking her ukulele. Her sound is truly one of a kind, infusing pop with folk elements.

Her new single, “Time Machine,” is a mature yet whimsical wish to return to a time when Kaylee felt happy, prior to a relationship whose breakup left her with an unbearable emptiness.

Kaylee collaborated with her producer, Jay Century – the Jack Antonoff to her Taylor Swift – to create the song, which ended up combining the elements of two tracks penned while lying wide awake in bed at 3am.

This bittersweet pop track sounds deceptively bright, juxtaposing Kaylee’s lyrics which allude to her mental health struggles.