Kédu Carlö Channel 90s Rave And Acid House In Playful New Cut ‘Coochie’ – Announce Alien Fempire EP On September 2nd

Rising NZ electronic music producer/songwriter duo Kédu Carlö shareplayful90’s rave and acid house influenced new cutCoochie’, out on EMK, the electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music GroupStream ‘Coochie’ Here. The new cut will be included in the upcoming ‘Alien Fempire’ EP due on September 2nd.

Stream ‘Coochie’ Here

Featuring an undeniable catchy bassline, a main acid house line, alien led synths and vocoder vocals, with Coochie’, Kédu Carlö blend their love for late 80s/90’s rave culture and acid house into a dancefloor ready cut. The single is a perfect showcase of their future-facing club sound, and a taste of what’s to come musically in the future.

‘Coochie’, says the duo; “started off as a joke one evening when we were having a jam and freestyling the lyrics, “You want my coochie, give me that Gucci”. Those lyrics were the centerpoint of the track as well as our interest at the time in 80’s and 90’s Acid House, it was from there that the track evolved into what it is now”.

Talking about their collaborative production process, the duo says; “we started off with the main acid line, alien lead synth and vocoder vocal of ‘you want my coochie’, which we also resampled and manipulated into other elements throughout the track. The acid line is made up of multiple layers of the TAL-Bassline soft synth. Most of the synth lead lines and chords are Arturia Analog V plugins, we love using their massive range of software synths”.

Kédu Carlö is the moniker of New Zealand based electronic producers, multi instrumentalists and songwriters Jess Penson and Carly Gill. With Jess on vocals and synths, Carly on drums and percussion, the duo crafts intricate electronic music with nods to Chicago house, acid, techno, electro and breaks. Their constantly evolving live set-up features an array of gear – from analogue synths to drum machines and sequencers, acoustic drums, Ableton and CDJs – the two long term friends have already made a name for themselves with their Ableton Live production tutorials for publications such as Attack Magazine. Punching into the NZ scene as tastemakers and one-to-watch creatives, their melodic experimentation and irreverent lyricism have firmly established them as one of the most sought after live electronic music acts.

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