Kédu Carlö Drop Afro House Influenced Cut ‘Sabi Sabi’

Today, November 30th emerging NZ electronic music producer/songwriter duo Kédu Carlö drop afro house-influenced new single ‘Sabi Sabi’  

 Stream  ‘Sabi Sabi’ Here.

A blend of euphoric club-ready Afro and Cuban-laced rhythms, ‘Sabi Sabi’ showcases the duo’s ability to meander through complex beats and vocal hooks to craft an explosive yet expansive 120 BPM house cut. The lyrics, “na, you sabi oh, sabi sabi”, Nigerian pidgin for “you’re a know it all” play with the raw and expressive nature of the track and Nigerian Igbo roots of the duo’s vocalist and producer Jess Penson.

“The lyrics loosely translates to ‘you’re a know it all’, explain Kédu Carlö. “Jess’ parents called her sabi sabi while growing up, so when we were in the mood to write a diss track, it  felt like the perfect lyrics. There’s definitely a running theme of us telling people to step off on our upcoming album”.

Diving deeper into the songwriting and production of the track, the drummer and percussionist Carly Gill explains: “It started out as a demo buried in Jess’s folder of beats that I found. It was this punchy arpeggiated melody over a bongo loop, and I tell you, it was a prominent vibe. I first fleshed it out with a healthy dose of syncopated afro-cuban inspired percussion patterns focusing on organic/acoustic tones, then we recorded 30+ layers of the chant. Ngozi (Jess’s Mum) and our friends Rachel and Molly can be heard alongside Jess’s voice. All were meticulously processed and crafted. After that we chopped them up and rearranged them to create variety across sections.” 

The duo blended a reversed hi hat with automated redux with a myriad of syncopated percussive layers, while keeping the tones organic/acoustic to give the track that raw and primal feel. Snares with different tones layered, panned and some drenched in overdriven reverb add a big dramatic climax. “I used big echoed crashes to exaggerate section changes, we also made heavy use of huge serial filtered free-time echos and overdriven reverb set up as buses which contribute immensely to the impactfulness and full sound of the track. Parallel compression, saturation and resonators were used to magnify the sound and give it a well-rounded warmth”, adds Carly.

The new cut is the first taste from the duo’s debut album and follows on the recent release of ‘Let’s Get To It’ music video, in which Kédu Carlö took us into the dark underbelly of a strip club capturing NZ hustle life, last summer’s playful 90’s rave and acid house influenced cut ‘Coochie’, and their ‘Alien Fempire’ EP, out on EMK, the electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group. Stream ‘Alien Fempire’ EP  Here

While ‘Alien Fempire’ perfectly showcased the duo’s future-facing club sound, punchy and full of attitude, ‘Sabi Sabi’ is the perfect driving tune to tease a sample of what is to come from Kédu Carlö forthcoming releases. 

About Kédu Carlö

Kédu Carlö is the moniker of New Zealand based electronic producers, multi instrumentalists and songwriters Jess Penson and Carly Gill. With Jess on vocals and synths, Carly on drums and percussion, the duo crafts intricate electronic music with nods to Chicago house, acid, techno, electro and breaks. Their constantly evolving live set-up features an array of gear – from analogue synths to drum machines and sequencers, acoustic drums, Ableton and CDJs – the two long term friends have already made a name for themselves with their Ableton Live production tutorials publications such as Attack Magazine. Punching into the NZ scene as tastemakers and one-to-watch creatives, their melodic experimentation and irreverent lyricism have firmly established them as one of the most sought after live electronic music acts. 

Kédu Carlö new single ‘Sabi Sabi’ is out now – stream it here.

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