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A final plea. An act of desperation. A story of frustration and despair after discovering your partner’s infidelity.Melbourne-based dance-pop artist Kevin Silvester returns with a new heart-wrenching single ‘Be The One’.

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The fourth single from Silvester’s upcoming debut album “Sleepwalker” is a collaboration with fellow
Melbourne-based Pop and R&B singer/songwriter JVCQUI. The song is accompanied by a laceratingly
emotional music video that tells the story of a toxic relationship through dramatic neon-metropolitan

This song integrates multiple genres to express the core emotions of hatred and longing. Silvester
enchants and lures you into a forest of melodies, only to cast you into an electric confrontation of vocals matched with a punchy bass line and a triplet-swing drum beat.

The ethereal vocal performance by JVCQUI displays her longing and highlights the back and forth between Silvester and herself, painting the picture of a couple fighting, leaving listeners with empathy for JVCQUI as she pleads for validation.

In July 2021, the song was born from a conversation between the two: they became friends after chatting about kinks at a local RSL. Written right before Melbourne’s lockdown, the finishing touches were completed over a phone call. Listeners are treated to an explosive chorus of gang vocals by the pair imitating signature celebrity voices – Britney Spears, Olivia Rodrigo and Momo from TWICE.

About Kevin Silvester :

Hailing from Melbourne, Kevin Silvester is a boundless electronic act, combining his narrative-driven and passionate lyricism with pop vocals and electronic production. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter, producer, and DJ draws comparisons to artists like Grey and Illenium. Being a classically trained pianist and cellist, he began writing music at the young age of 11 and taught himself music production at the age of 13.

After honing his craft for years, Kevin made his debut in 2019 with his single “On Your Mind”. His single “You and I” features Julie Zorrilla from American Idol Season 10, and has surpassed 2.2 million streams worldwide as of January 2023. The singles will be making an appearance on his highly anticipated debut album, Sleepwalker, which has already clocked over 4 million cumulative streams ahead of its release in 2023. The album touches on themes surrounding escapism, introspection, and grief. With an undoubtable artistic vision and creative drive, Kevin Silvester is not stopping any time soon.

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About JVCQUI :

Melbourne singer-songwriter JVCQUI is an emerging artist in the Australian music scene. Being trained in contemporary vocals and musical theatre since she was 15, she began writing music 2 years later before beginning tertiary studies helping her develop her musicianship.

JVCQUI has been inspired by artists like Emma Volard and Erykah Badu for many years and now has the chance to bolster her own music with some of their styles and techniques.JVCQUI incorporates the influences from these artists into her songwriting, paying tribute to the music she loves. Combining R&B and neo soul with early 2000s music, JVCQUI adds her own twist, inventing a fresh, new eclectic style which appeals to all walks of life.