Khazali channels laid back grooves on new Café Kitsuné mix

It’s that time of the year again. Café Kitsuné Mix by Khazali, is set up for the end of summer playlist.  This year, Kitsuné Musique asked the artist Khazali to curate its annual cozy mix, paying tribute to the brand’s Café Kitsuné over the world.

With a soft touch that floats above electronic beats, Khazali creates a brand of alternative pop that spans melancholy, euphoria and dreaminess, which subtly references his teenage influences (Metronomy, LittleDragon, et al.) For this special Mix, he channeled all his influences and more while bringing together the smoky voice of Molly Burch, the dream pop of Widowspeak, the relaxing indie electronica beats from Elder Island, the captivating melody of Abby Roberts, the dazing indie-pop from Pocket Sun, the parallel universe pop melancholy of Quasi Qui, the deeply grooving sound from Buttering Trio, the dreamy lo-fi-ish Zeeland, and more! He also called back notable acts released earlier on Kitsuné Musique such as pop dreamer Supertaste, indie prodigy LANGVA, the peachy Garden City Movement and the chill pop act : Palmaria.  

Khazali says: “Coffee and music are two things that, for me, just go together, so it’s lovely to be mixing the two for the Café Kitsuné compilation. I’ve put together a mix of chilled and energetic songs that really embody my routine, from morning espresso to my mid-day boosts. I’ve also come up with a rosemary-inspired latte that I’m looking forward to everyone trying at Café Kitsuné anywhere in the world!”

Real soundtrack of Kitsuné’s art-de-vivre, the Café Kitsuné Mixes are curated and mixed by artists or friends of the label. Through a cozy and timeless tunes’ selection, these mixes perfectly depict the unique moment of having a coffee or an iced latte in exceptional places in Paris, Tokyo, New York and Seoul.

Stay Relax and grab a Iced latte coffee with the new Café Kitsuné Mix by Khazali, out on August 29th on Kitsuné Musique

  1. Zeeland – Love Sabbatical
  2. Khazali – Dance On The Rain
  3. Lavender – constantly (ft. CHRISSY)
  4. Buttering Trio – I Cried For You
  5. Quasi Qui — Epoch
  6. Molly Burch – Emotion
  7. Supertaste – In Your Head 
  8. Garden City Movement – No Stress
  9. Elder Island – Bamboo
  10. Widowspeak – The Drive
  12. Pocket Sun – Wake Up
  13. Fennec – Girl
  14. Jack J – If You Don’t Know 
  15. Ley Line – High Tide 
  16. LANGVA – Call Me 
  17. Palmaria- Lluvia

Café Kitsuné mixed by Khazali / 29th August