Los Angeles, CA [February 24, 2021] The bleached-blonde indie pop original, Kid Hastings (AKA Jake McEvoy) takes bedroom-pop to a whole new level with the fully self-produced, written and performed in-his-bedroom song, “Backwards.” This single off his forthcoming EP and the accompanying video is out now via Ourros.

“Backwards is about figuring someone out. They can drop hints here and there at their motives, but can you ever really be sure you know someone? This song details the uncertainty I had with someone I was in love with and features an ultimately carefree and awe-struck hook” – McEvoy on “Backwards”

“Backwards” is the champion example of just how impactful simple sonic creation can be. The fully self produced song speaks to the struggles of uncertainty in romantic vulnerability wrapped up by a carefree and awe struck hook and an interpolated melody from Ray Noble’s legendary jazz standard “Cherokee.” Following the release of his previous single, “Call Me Up,” after a year-long hiatus, McEvoy calls on fluid self expression once more to cement his place as a true artist in control of his entire craft.

While the creation of “Backwards” speaks to McEvoy’s knack for pure musical mastery from the comfort of his own bed, the single’s accompanying video extends to showcase the magic one can make from the humblest of tools. With no budget and the help of his dear childhood friends, McEvoy devised a music video concept that called on his discipline and determination as an artist. While the video is a stunning scene of shifting identity, it is entirely filmed backwards at twice speed making McEvoy teach himself to sing the song backward at twice speed for full effect. The result is whimsical wonderland to the tune of McEvoy’s truest self.

Following the success of his 2019 debut EP, GoldenMcEvoy’s first single off his forthcoming EP gained lots of momentum as the #1 on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie. As he releases “Backwards” with over 465K Spotify streams under his belt and previously sold out shows across the indie LA scene, Kid Hasting’s is set to take 2021 by storm.
Listen to and watch “Backwards” and stay up to date with all things Kid Hastings from the links below. Thanks for your time in checking this out!

Kid Hastings

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