KILL SCRIPT seizes control with an immersive two-track techno EP, ‘FIRST CONTAKT,’ arriving as the third issue pulled from Night Mode’s fifth season of releases.

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Back in November, KILL SCRIPT shot up into existence in top form as a techno project that has all the trappings to keep the audience glued to every turn of its figurative pages. His inaugural release materialized via his hard-edged “STASIS” record, which found a much-deserved spot on Night Mode’s ‘This Is Cyberpunk’ compilation. Possessing a penchant for sci-fi and a love for industrial-laced techno, the fast-emerging underground artist wasted no time at flooding his Instagram feed with eye-grabbing world-building imagery shaping the dystopian story he’s itching to share with the world. As his narrative quickly starts to unfold, he’s inviting you along for the ride as the first chapter opens in the way of his appropriately titled ‘FIRST CONTAKT’ EP.

Picking up where “STASIS” left off, his latest creation transports the listener to a dark, futuristic universe plucked straight off the shelves from the top-selling sci-fi section. The lead cut “CONTAKT” clocks in at a relentless nearly 7-minute run. It pummels through the void with an unshakeable drive, powered by moody atmospherics, pensive piano keys, and doom-laced triplets that work in conjunction to create a cinematic tension of untold proportion. It’s a heart-racing introduction, indeed. On the B-side, “GRIEVE” allows the pace to be pulled back a few notches, making extra room for the track’s fiery emotion and breathtaking melodies. A softly sung melancholic vocal extends itself over cascading arpeggiations and waves of nebulous bass, drifting graciously until the voice is completely overshadowed by the circular motifs illuminating the first phase of this hero’s journey. If ‘FIRST CONTAKT’ is any indication, KILL SCRIPT’s mind-blowing saga is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat every step of the way. Just be proud you are lucky enough to have found yourself on the inside from day one.

“I’m so excited to start this wild journey with KILL SCRIPT. It’s been a culmination of years of ideas, dreams, lots of brainstorming sessions, and so much more. I’ve never been so inspired to write music and, at the same time, tell a unique visual story. After years of battling upriver, this story has just flowed out and I can’t wait to begin the journey with all of you. I’m also very excited to follow up my first track, STASIS, and begin this story with NIGHT MODE. After being given my first shot, I can’t thank NIGHT MODE enough for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the family. I can’t think of a better home to begin this journey.” –KILL SCRIPT


KILL SCRIPT integrates the elements of Sci-fi cinematography and Techno to create an intense live production that consumes its audience.


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