Kimberly June “Someone Who Gets Me”

“Someone Who Gets Me,” the song follows an emotive narrative about finding someone who loves and accepts the real you. Kimberly confides, ” When I wrote this, I was finally tired of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. We shouldn’t have to change, explain or defend ourselves constantly in relationships. This song is about knowing there is someone out there who is going to SEE you for all that you are and love every part. Don’t settle for anything less!”
Featuring powerful vocals, a warm melody, and just the right amount of pop sensibility, the track is a heartfelt anthem that is highly relatable to anyone on their quest for true love or in appreciation of their significant other.

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Imagine: An 11-year-old New England kid singing to Alanis Morrisette in her bedroom is suddenly uprooted and raised in the Dominican Republic through Jr and High School. Puberty and a culture-shock to an already unpopular Kimberly June was the Petri dish where her artistry was cultivated. Poetry turned to songwriting after learning three chords on a fat-necked nylon-string guitar, and her boiling teenage angst finally had an open steam valve. Then she attends both Berklee College of Music in Boston and Belmont University in Nashville. Upon graduation she signs a Publishing Deal on Music Row at the age of 22. A couple years into the journey, her personal life is falling apart with a failing marriage, excessive partying, drug use, anxiety and depression. Hawaii was the haven calling her in for some deep soul-searching, and a vacation turned into a new chapter in KJ’s life. The mixture of influences throughout her life create her unique sound, incorporating Folk, 90’s rock, Latin, Blues, Country and Island feels. Kimberly June captures your attention with rich, percussive guitar playing and catchy, relatable songs, which are mostly written by herself. She independently releases new music and plays all over Hawaii and the mainland USA, opening for artists such as G. Love, Donovan Frankenreiter, Kimie Miner and Kenny Loggins. As a writer, she has had songs featured on TV shows “Nashville” and “Degrassi High” and continues to travel frequently to LA and Nashville for collaborations. Only life-experience can produce the soulful sounds coming out of this tiny girl, a small package that packs a punch. Her Instagram page is more than just musical updates, its a self-evident portrayal of her interesting lifestyle, character and outlook on life. Follow her: @JustKJ.Love and make sure to listen to her newest single “Someone Who Gets Me”.