Kitty Antix talks about Grief & Overcoming Tragedy in her new song “Kill For You”

Kitty Antix is an alt-pop artist and songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. She is releasing her single “Kill For You” on October 17th. This will be her follow up release to “Dancing with the Devil” which went viral on platforms such as Youtube reaching over 2 million views from being a hit among fans from the TV show “Lucifer”. 

 Listen: Here

The new single includes Kitty’s unique epic cinematic sound that makes you feel like you were pulled into an epic alternate universe. The song is inspired by the Marvel show “Wanda Vision”. “I saw myself in Wanda Maximoff. Her tragic story is heartbreaking. I wanted to write a song that embodied her grief, strength, relentlessness, and love so that I can heal with what I was going through” explains Kitty. 

She hopes the song empowers her listeners and they take it as their new theme song to motivate them to keep going. During the process of creating the song, Kitty lost someone to mental illness and was grieving. “I wanted this song to help release the emotions of my grief, that’s why the instruments tell a story. If my feelings and “five stages of grief” had a sound, it would be those instruments in the song. I wanted the musical dynamics to showcase the highs and lows in our lives. It was important to me that my listeners felt like they can be apart of an epic movie.” says Kitty. 

Kitty is currently working on new music she will release throughout the new year. Be sure to follow her to stay updated!  

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