Koh-Dee ‘Forgotten Gems’

Mesmerising talent Koh-Dee delivers his enticing sixteen-track album ‘Forgotten Gems”, including stan-out singles that he has produced over the last eight years.

Cody Webberley, aka, Koh-Dee is a talented and independent music producer and DJ based in Sorrell in Tasmania, Australia. Accumulating over 240,000 streams on Spotify alone and 45,000 listeners, he continues to prove that he’s an artist on the rise.

The Australia-born artist has become a rising talent of note in recent years, crafting captivating and dimensional indie-electronica soundscapes, with a scattered blend of lo-fi, hip-hop and trap music. 2021 welcomed the arrival of his full-length album, two EPs and multiple singles including a video game soundtrack ‘Cracked Crusaders’. 

Returning with a combination of nostalgic electronic-esque percussion, hip-hop bars and indie fused elements. The album is multi-dimensional with a track on it for a listener of any genre. It features artists like rapper Kontext, Adrian Hayes, Ruben Nomikos, Jarian White and Light Zero, all of Koh-Dee’s close friends within his circle. 

Each track reflects the sound of Koh-Dee effortlessly. The pure strength of innovative percussion, flawless vocals and icy bars form into something remarkable. It’s arguably one of his most breathtaking projects to date and offers insight into his incredible production skills. ‘Forgotten Gems’ overall serves fans and listeners alike with a dynamic selection of cuts and is packed with plenty of finesse. An odyssey of elevating compositions paired with eclectic soundboards, ferocious beats and trademark production from this project reveals an album that is unrivalled. 

“This is my album, containing 16 of my all-time favourite tracks that I’ve ever produced, alongside various friends of mine – which have been released over the past 8 years (from around 2015 – 2016 to now). This is the project that I’m most proud of, which consists of a very unique story about a boy (me) who travels through life, meeting girls here and there – getting into relationships, falling in and out of love, expressing his destructive emotions through his trap-styled beats, and experiencing the sadness of loss. Forgotten Gems is my ode to the world, for allowing me to continuously express myself through my art. ‘Don’t Forget’ was the first ever album that I released (in 2016), which was the first message that I wanted to send out to the world – to not forget me, as an artist and person.” – Koh-Dee