KOKA brings her pounding dark pop to the fore in ‘Skin & Bones’

Photo credit: Aloha Burn

KOKA is the solo project of Albanian born now German based Dora Koka. Having been inspired from music at a young age, she left her well established architectural career to pursue this long and undying passion. Her influences stem from 90s electro pop, heavily influenced by greats such as Kate Bush, Imogen Heap and many more and transpires this into her own sound and lane entirely.


Using her music as a vessel and expression of emotional healing, she has released a plethora of singles, and all of this work has culminated to the eventual release of her debut album in September. Supported by German Initiative Musik, the first instalment of this new strand of KOKA was ‘Deliverance’. Recorded and written with producer TTEO aka Matteo Capreoli, there is a real dark pop cutting edge to this track. Full of pounding synths, arpeggios and KOKA’s mesmerising voice, the result is a hugely encapsulating modern day alt-pop song that shows so much character, with its many twists and turns.

The second single to come is ‘Skin & Bones’, a spiralling and hypnotic offering which is spine tingling in its production and KOKA’s powerful delivery. Excellently put together once again, ‘Skin & Bones’ holds real elements of nostalgia especially in the chorus, which is truly spiritual and enriching. There is definitely an aura that radiates from KOKA, which is a rarity in itself.

There are some beautifully captured moments throughout the track, from the haunting piano runs to the rupturing synths that fill the air, before entering the highly immersive and catchy dark-pop hooks that she so effortlessly creates. ‘Skin & Bones’ is certainly a track that all lovers of pop and beyond will love, with so many things to love about it making her an artist to look out for in 2022.