Korean-American artist L I O delivers his latest Hip-Hop and Pop infused single ‘Paint Job’

Photo Credit: Deangelo Harding

Korean-American artist L I O delivers his latest bouncy Hip-Hop offering ‘Paint Job’ this May.

Those who dig deep into Los Angeles rapper L I O’s history will recognise him from the seminal trio of After Hours under his AYDIOSLIO moniker. Since going solo, this multi-faceted artist has built an impressive discography of captivating and ever on-point hip-hop releases, whilst accumulating 700,000 streams across Spotify alone. His latest single ‘Paint Job’ reveals another enraptured, pop-tinged affair alongside the sure-fire beats of Cela and Ziggy Stry.


Opening with glistening atmospherics and punchy basslines, ‘Paint Job’ boasts an undeniably catchy track. Twinkling synths and R&B effects add starry nostalgia for an immensely infectious foundation, while L I O’s zestful lyrics and smooth voice capture the ambiguous zone between excellence and confidence. 

“This song is about the girl of my dreams, an empowered woman who looks as good as she thinks and moves in the world.” – L I O

L I O is a Korean-American artist from Los Angeles with a unique perspective and R&B sonics. His tracks bridge modern aesthetics with lyrical prowess, undeniable energy and memorable melodies. He was also a member of the trio After Hours and was formerly known as AYDIOSLIO, with his new alias offering a more personal insight into the lens in which he sees the world as a solo artist. 

‘Paint Job’ was created at the beginning of quarantine as L I O was inspired by dating his current girlfriend and feeling overwhelmed by how different she was compared to anyone he had previously dated. The track highlights respect from the mental and emotional attraction between two people but on a deeper level despite physical attraction. 

‘Paint Job’ is slated for release on May 6th, 2022.