Kovic Releases Second Studio Album ‘Playing With Fire’

UK based breakout singer/songwriter Kovic released his second studio album, Playing With Fire, today, Friday, October 8. The 10-track album features pre-released songs “All Night All My Life” as well as the electric track, “Burned.” The album features a contrasting collection of haunting ballads to bright and hopeful anthems, that as a whole, capture Kovic’s innate ability to captivate listeners through his lyrics and unique sound. 

“I feel this record is my best body of work so far, and it’s all down to the supporters who forged these songs with me through Patreon,” Kovic said. “From the first writing session to the day the albums arrived, to document this whole process live online has been a magical experience, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with the world.”

Beginning with the title track, the listener is immediately met with Kovic’s smooth and powerful vocal, setting the tone for what’s to come throughout the record. As the journey unfolds, standouts like “So Hard Giving You Up” and “Heartbreaking” highlight Kovic’s lyrical range and ability to shift from beat to piano based melodies. The release of this album holds a special place in Kovic’s heart, as it was created alongside his fans. By utilizing the subscription service Patreon, Kovic was able to play demos for fans and have his dedicated listeners vote on their favorite songs to put on the album. 

In 2018, Kovic burst onto the scene with early support from BBC Radio 1 and his song “Drown.” The smash hit was synched with FIFA ‘18 and has received over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. His debut album Running Underwater receives a consistent 200k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and an average of 600k streams per month across all platforms. To date, Kovic has racked up over 50 million streams, an astounding accomplishment for an independent artist. To celebrate the release of Playing With Fire, Kovic will participate in a global live stream on Instagram with at 5pm CT / 6pm ET to perform a few select tracks from the album. 


  1. “Playing With Fire” | Written by: Mark Kovic, Ben Kovic, Matt Bowden, Theo Bowden, Jack Bowden
  2. “Falling” | Written by: Mark Kovic, Ben Kovic
  3. “All Night All My Life” | Written by: George Morgan, Mark Kovic, Tudor Davies, Ben Kovic 
  4. “So Hard Giving You Up” | Written by: Mark Kovic, Kane John Parfitt, Colton Avery
  5. “Burned” | Written by: Mark Kovic, Anthony Truman, Barry Gibb, Ben Kovic, Jordan Spowart
  6. “Better Love” | Written by: Ben Kovic, Mark Kovic, Tim Gallagher, Jonathan Quarmby 
  7. “Higher Than Ever” | Written by: Jonathan Quarmby, Mark Kovic, Ben Kovic, George Morgan
  8. “Somebody” | Written by: Mark Kovic and Gareth Emery
  9. “HeartBreaking” | Written by: Mark Kovic and Michah Jasper
  10. “Wake Up Tomorrow” | Written by: Mark Kovic, Ben Kovic

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