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Krief shares new album “Chemical Trance” + focus track ‘I love you just the same’

The Big Takeover: Video Premiere: "I Love You Just The Same" by Krief

Patrick Krief has turned on, tuned in, dropped out and come out the other side with a psychedelic masterpiece of secular shamanistic humanism. On Krief’s new full-length Chemical Trance, set for release on August 14, the Montreal musician taps into that holy intersection of divine and mortality, confronting his own vulnerabilities in a beautiful cacophony.

Check out the video for the focus track “I love you just the same” here:

Chemical Trance is at its best when Krief digs deepest into his most personal moments. According to the singer-songwriter, it’s a reflection of his mental state at the time of its conception. Nothing short of a reinvention, the album is an assertion of artistic autonomy.

Stream Here : Chemical Trance in full now on Soundcloud 

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