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Kristiane's "Wish I Could Be Your Girl" Is a Quiet Quarantine Anthem / Ones  To Watch

Los Angeles, CA [October 23, 2020] Kristiane is an LA-based singer/songwriter who has spent the last few years developing an eccentric, jarring approach to pop/rock. Her new single “Wish I Could Be Your Girl” is out now independently.

Stream: HERE

“Wish I Could Be Your Girl” is an intimate tale written by Kristiane on the floor of her apartment late one night over our quarantined summer. 

“I couldn’t sleep and wanted to call somebody, but convinced myself it would be burdensome. So, I wrote “Should I call / Don’t wanna bother / Am I the deadbeat father never on the way”, and then I picked up my guitar and the track wrote itself” 

This song to me isn’t about literally wanting to be somebody’s “girl”, but rather wanting to fit the archetype of the kind of partner that’s easy to be with, uncomplicated. I think as someone who struggles with mental health it’s easy to demonize your emotions, instead of embracing that it’s okay to be someone with a complicated history/emotions” – Kristiane

Kristiane tapped producer Jesse Munsat to bring the track to life the way she dreamed it would sound, pairing fuzzy guitars and dreamy synth pads with Kristiane’s melancholic vocals. 

With her quarantine-written debut EP on the way, Kristiane promises more songs a la “Wish I Could Be Your Girl” for early 2021, filled with nostalgia and self-awareness.  Listen to her new single, and follow Kristiane at the links below.