LA-based singer-songwriter, GLDI releases “Sex Is Cool / Issues & Tattoos”

LA-based singer-songwriter, GLDI. We’d love for you to cover her past 2 releases.

With almost 60K streams, Sex Is Cool is a pop-punk “middle finger to the unfaithful significant other” track, a dear-john promising to ruin your ex’s life. Being unapologetically herself while embracing stereotypical female “crazy ex” behaviour, GLDI sings “sex is cool, but fucking you over is better”; inspired by the phrase “sex is good but have you ever xyz?”

As a musician and songwriter, GLDI’s goal is to have her fans feeling like they can embrace themselves and see perfection within their “imperfections.” Her December release,Issues & Tattoos,” is exactly about that. A powerful track about owning one’s imperfections in a positive way, and celebrating attributes that make a “chaotic” girlfriend theatrical, but never boring.


Raised in Los Angeles and London, GLDI is a singer-songwriter for the f*cked up girls. Having only been in the music scene for 1.5 years, with her debut release November of 2020; GLDI has already stacked up over 400K streams with only 4 releases to her name. Despite signing with Capitol Records at a young age, working internationally, and writing/recording with some of pop music’s most influential producers, she broke free of a label to dive into the propulsive world of independent songwriting. GLDI impressed the masses with her breakout single Cake, which was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and Salt, as well as Apple Music’s New in Pop.

On top of her artist pursuits, GLDI is a huge advocate and supporter of females working in the music industry, mental health awareness, animal rights, and is part of the LBGTQ community. Coming from a long line of mental illness in her family, the need for an escape was the catalyst to her musical journey. “Music has been a major outlet for creating and getting out of my own head” she says.