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La Santa and Blueheist join forces for a 3 tracks EP on Stereo Productions

‘Malik Arya Kala’ are the 3 tracks included on their new EP for Stereo Productions, available from November 18th 2020. 

La Santa has a very particular approach to electronic music. Her style, which is in constant evolution, is deeply harmonious with rhythms full of sensuality, a unique sound loaded with sensitivity and groove. Her listeners unleash their imagination and ascend to where there is only a real connection.

Malik Arya Kala‘ is available from November 18th on Stereo Productions:

Her latest project is this triple release, including ‘Malik Arya Kala‘, which she has made in collaboration with a veteran DJ & Producer that debuts with this new Alter Ego under the enigmatic name of Blueheist. Three original tracks with which, once again, La Santa wraps us in a halo of mysticism using organic sounds. ‘Malik‘ is our gateway to this new story, an ancestral tribal journey that opens this triple EP with a unique percussion orgy. ‘Arya‘ takes over and does so by again yielding the leading role of Melodic and progressive pads, to which she now adds captivating vocals. Its character is certainly darker than its predecessor with a changing development that only adds intrigue. And finally, ‘Kala’, a percussion-dominated track whose infectious nature captures the listeners and takes them to a dimension with science fiction reminiscences, La Santa unmatched signature.