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LA Video Series Under the Covers Features Tomorrow’s Stars Performing Iconic Songs including Thom Yorke, Metronomy, Kaytranada & Caribou

Caribou · Never Come Back · Cover by Youngr - YouTube

Under The Covers is a game-changing new video series that showcases the very best, cutting edge musicians from around the world. Each week, tomorrow’s stars perform covers of iconic songs from all corners of the musical spectrum in high quality audio and video experiences that, once uploaded, immediately connect with fans across the globe. 

Under The Covers taps into many modern phenomena – the proliferation of online content and trend towards engaging with it on your own terms, for short but absorbing periods of time, as well as young listeners’ constant search for exciting new acts, and Generation Z’s on going needs for a steady stream of music content, live performance and behind the scenes access.  It is for this reason that Under The Covers has been doing huge numbers in the short time since launch, with more than 1.5 million views for three early videos which saw a trio of emerging acts cover songs by Dua Lipa, Thom Yorke and Parcels

Back in September, Under The Covers partnered with Lebanese musician Firas Farah to raise funds for Beirut explosion victims, with 100% of the funds raised donated to the Lebanese Red Cross. Most recently, the much hyped Youngr covered Caribou’s ‘Never Come Back’ and picked up tens of thousands of views from the off. The video perfectly encapsulates what makes Under The Covers such a popular channel – it showcases Youngr’s multifaceted talent, with him playing the keys, guitar, drums, and various music production tools, all while singing it live, in the moment, from his home studio. It’s as engaging to watch as it is to listen to, and for that reason its viewing metrics continue to soar daily. 

The channel is expertly curated by LA based ORLOVE, which has been responsible for creating, crafting and partnering on some of the most sought after parties in the U.S. and in 40 markets spanning over 250+ parties per year.  From West Hollywood HQ to the rest of the world, ORLOVE has built a house of brands that has not only included rising star DJs and some of the world’s most talented music acts, but has partnered with numerous prestigious brands to create experiences that bridge the gap between genres, fans and artists globally.

That tradition continues with Under the Covers, which in lieu of in-person concerts has discovered and highlighted artists throughout North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia, and continues to redefine how artists connect with fans and those fans connect with new music, as provided by an emerging culture of influence on the internet.

Says Matt Orlove, Founder of ORLOVE, “Our mission is simple, we find rising talent, collaborate on song choice, create compelling content and then distribute for the world to see, garnering millions of views and shining a light in the process.”

Covid-19 and social distancing drastically changed the landscape for music and live events, but the immersive and personal Under The Covers platform has led from the get go in showing a new way to connect artists and fans. This ever growing platform is not only an essential new outlet for both, but is also a key component to re-shaping the music industry and culture as a whole.