Lance Rodriguez ‘Empath’

US Singer-songwriter Lance Rodriguez unveils his debut album ‘Empath’. The 9-track offering follows on from his 2022 debut EP ‘Dark Light. Lance is known for crafting highly personal tracks that weave acoustic, pop and soul elements to create a hybrid pop sound that’s varied and emotive.  

‘Empath’ carries on this trend as it showcases Lance’s development as a songwriter. Throughout the album, Lance offers listeners a glimpse into his life and emotions, touching on topics from love, romance and sex to vulnerability, transparency and nostalgia. Always lyrically minded Lance aims to channel his emotions through songwriting and encourages his audience to explore their own. ‘11Eleven’, the lead single off the album embodies this desire as Lance examines the impact fear of failure can have, and how overcoming this fear that holds so many back eventually leaves room in your life for growth and happiness. 

The track utilises soft piano melodies with accompanying acoustic guitar lines, delivering an uplifting soundscape that frames Lance Rodriguez’s message perfectly. Rodriguez explains the track further, “11Eleven is an anthem to tell my audience it’s perfectly okay to be scared but to go out and pursue your dreams, get started on your 11:11 wish, without fear of failure.” 

Hailing from California, Lance began his musical journey in church where he learned first-hand the emotional power of music. A skill that he has adapted into his songwriting, where his tracks aim to inspire a crowd to raise their hands, close their eyes and connect with what he felt while writing them. The ability to write music with a message and connect with people in a meaningful way is what drives Lance. That message seems to be resonating, with him recently selling out his biggest show to date at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego. Now with the release of ‘Empath’ along with further shows in the US and a European tour pencilled in for later in the year, Lance looks to take his music to a global stage.