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Lebanese Pop Artist Maro Premieres "Take It Back" - PAPER

Today, fast-rising Lebanese artist and songwriter Maro has debuted brand new single, “Take It Back.” The song is out now via Snafu Records and is available everywhere here. Watch the “Take It Back” official video here + see an exclusive on the release with PAPER.



A fresh addition to his original repertoire, “Take It Back” sets Maro’s laidback, effortless vocal against slick indie-pop production, taking us another step further into his world. On the track, Maro describes, “‘Take It Back’ is about being nostalgic and reminiscing about the good moments you’ve had with a person when you were in high-school. Experiencing the feeling of missing that someone, who’s not in your life anymore. It takes you back to the good times you miss and describes how someone made you feel, and how you feel about it now years later.”

“Take It Back” is the next track from Maro following fall 2020’s debut single “carsick,” a pulsing pop earworm and a bold first moment for Maro’s original output. Digging into the track, Flaunt noted its “sharp songwriting with hook-filled vocal melodies,” while The Line of Best Fitcalled it “real and undoubtedly relatable.”

Despite the limitations caused by the global pandemic, Maro stayed busy through late 2020, keeping his growing fanbase engaged through new cover uploads on his YouTubechannel, an exclusive live stream performance for Bandsintown’s ‘Discovery’ series, and sitting down for an interview with Bringin’ It Backwards podcast, which American Songwriter covered here

About Maro
Catalyzed by the storm of buzz sparked after uploading a cover of Lil Peep & XXXTentacion’s “Falling Down” on his YouTube channel in 2018, Maro’s following has grown immensely, with 28 million views on Youtube in the last year alone. 

At only 19 years old, Maro is the walking definition of a precocious self-starter. By his early teens, Maro was fluent in 4 languages (French, Arabic, Russian, English) and he currently sings in 7 languages (+ Turkish, Italian, Spanish). He began playing piano in 2nd grade and, by age 15, started writing his own songs.  He taught himself guitar from online tutorials and ravenously consumed a wide array of sounds: heavy metal to old-school hip-hop; 90s grunge to Top 40 pop.

Born in poverty-stricken Beirut, Maro moved several times throughout his upbringing amidst war-torn Lebanon. Emerging from his chaotic surroundings was music – a much-needed constant and creative outlet. He describes, “Moving and traveling around during my early teenage years made me feel lonely, and once I started to write songs and be creative, it became the perfect outlet for my emotions.” Born to a Lebanese father and Ukrainian mother, Maro’s multi-cultural background is a centerpiece of his artistry. Maro notes, “My parents’ taste in music has really contributed to my sound as an artist in terms of deriving inspiration from Lebanese and Ukrainian culture.” 

Maro’s creative path is only just beginning, though his vision is already well-defined: to create songs that are sonically distinct and authentic to Maro at his core. As he states, ”I want to have something that fans hear and immediately know, this is Maro…The music is raw and emotional, and I just want people to find it real.”

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