Lenii heralds new EP Zero Sympathy with bombshell single ‘Good Life’

The Irish artist’s venomous wit and razor-edged production are out in full force on her sophomore EP.

Lenii serves up more deliciously twisted pop with new single ‘Good Life’ from sophomore EP Zero Sympathy, both out on 2nd March.


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The Irish-born and LA-based multi-instrumentalist continues to blaze a trail for female producers on her latest virtuoso EP. 

Opening track and new single ‘Good Life’ kicks into gear with a jolting synth pop groove underpinning Lenii’s rapid flow. The singer’s many-faced vocal stylings wrestle for the limelight, Lenii’s dark Irish humour sprinkled with life-affirming lyrics celebrating the “giant ball of fire” that “keeps us all alive”.

Elsewhere on the EP, Lenii’s razor-sharp wit and potent production are out in full force. ‘Already Famous’ combines ingeniously chopped-up vocal samples along with Lenii’s own shapeshifting delivery for a hooky delight. ‘Take The Money’ sees Lenii wrestling with ego and success over frenzied beats and seductive guitars. The irresistible ‘Cherry Gum’ exhibits Lenii’s enchanting energy, as she molds sugary sonics into something more twisted, while the moody verses on ‘Killin’ It’ shine a light on Lenii’s dark undertones. Finally, ‘Crybaby’ brings the genre-hopping EP to a close with a tender ballad over fingerpicked guitar. 

Lenii, who has produced for the likes of David Guetta and Suki Waterhouse, is constantly pushing the barriers of the content and music she creates and smashing the stereotypes of what is expected from a female in the music industry. Proudly placing herself as a voice for Gen Z, the integral message of ‘Zero Sympathy’ is rooted in the importance of being brave and breaking norms, whilst faced with the restrictions of a toxic and success-driven society. Giving her listeners the strength to defy boundaries and not fear judgment, Lenii’s empowering message is beautifully communicated within the project. 

Described by Billboard as “darkly comical”, exuding a savage wit and cutting honesty, Lenii introduced herself in 2020 as a force to be reckoned with. After a string of successful singles and viral TikTok sensations, growing a dedicated social following and massive radio support, Lenii released her debut EP In All Fairness… which charted as the #1 Album on the Irish iTunes Charts on its first day.

Lenii’s latest continues her trailblazing streak. Zero Sympathy is another batch of ingenious pop productions from a multi-talented artist at the top of her game. 

Zero Sympathy – EP tracklist

Good Life

Already Famous

Take The Money

Cherry Gum

Killin’ It


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