lewloh delves into past experiences on ‘galaxy’

taken from new album ‘michigan/missinghim’ due 27th August.

‘galaxy’ by lewloh (he/him) and NESS FRANCO (they/them) is a song about fighting the anxiety that presents itself when things are going too well, to try to be present despite the hesitation and doubt.

lewloh: “‘galaxy’ was written during the honeymoon phase of a past relationship. It’s about having to navigate being present in the good moments but also a reminder to remain realistic with your expectations. I wrote this with NESS FRANCO, and we were excited to combine their jazz background with my folk pop sound.”

About the music video: “Working with the director Jonan Ong, we thought it would be cool to tell the story of a person entwined in a strange relationship where the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred. As the chorus of the song suggests, we sometimes find ourselves questioning reality and wondering if the strange emotions we experience exist only in our heads. And so we really leaned into the mysterious and dark imagery, this idea of wandering in a jungle, going on a camping trip, and trying to reconcile with these deep insecurities.”

The follow-up single after June’s ‘cold these days’ single, This is the third and final single leading up to lewloh’s sophomore album michigan/missinghim due in Fall 2021.

About the artist:
Lewis Loh, who goes by the artist handle lewloh, is a 24-year-old solo artist and songwriter with an uncanny sensitivity towards love, healing, and hope. Since the release of his debut album ‘Lullacry’ in 2017, Lewis has been steadily winning the hearts of folk-pop lovers in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, and the Southeast Asia region.

Being LGBTQ+, Asian, and a third-culture kid are key parts of lewloh’s identity as it brings about a unique perspective of not being able to fit in, often in more ways than one. Lewis’ songs deal with the themes of love, trauma, abandonment, healing, and hope. This makes him an important voice for his generation of young listeners and musician peers. Coinciding with his graduation from Berklee with a degree in songwriting, Lewloh’s upcoming full-length album is currently in production and due for Fall of 2021.

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