lewloh shares personal new album ‘michigan/missinghim’

michigan/missinghim is lewloh’s second album slated for August 2021. A refreshing take on the genre of folk singer-songwriter, lewloh collaborates with Nashville-based producer Isaiah Beard (Baerd) and Joshua Evan Lee (SLAYN) to produce a cinematic 13-track album, a personal story of second love. One only realizes how false the narrative of ‘true love really is after experiencing love and heartbreak for the first time. And so we enter the next relationship with cautious eyes and hesitation, but love is the song of the sirens, and we’re eventually pull you in so close that it becomes impossible to escape the cycle of falling, connecting and then eventually disconnecting – leaving us once again, scarred but more perceptive of love and life.

The focus track ‘terminal’ is an expression of the struggles of a long distance relationship and knowing from the start that there was always an expiration date. The duet features Julia Gartha from Ontario, Canada.

Lewis Loh, who goes by the artist handle lewloh, is a 24-year-old solo artist and songwriter with an uncanny sensitivity towards love, healing, and hope. Since the release of his debut album ‘Lullacry’ in 2017, Lewis has been steadily winning the hearts of folk-pop lovers in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, and the Southeast Asia region.

Being LGBTQ+, Asian, and a third-culture kid are key parts of lewloh’s identity as it brings about a unique perspective of not being able to fit in, often in more ways than one. Lewis’ songs deal with the themes of love, trauma, abandonment, healing, and hope. This makes him an important voice for his generation of young listeners and musician peers. Coinciding with his graduation from Berklee with a degree in songwriting, Lewloh’s upcoming full-length album is currently in production and due for Fall of 2021.

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