LGBTQ Indie Rockers Fleece Share Energizing New Single “It’s The Life”

Montreal-based LGBTQ indie-rock band Fleece has never paused, even for a moment, to define themselves or add labels to their experience, instead opting to open up and be. The outfit is au naturel and it shows, right from their earliest days and rise to notoriety through their rice cake-munching “How to write an Alt-J song” viral video (which amassed 12 million views). Subsequent releases and antics have added fuel to this fire and grown large and dedicated followings on Spotify, Instagram and TikTok, resulting in worldwide audiences and millions of monthly streams.

While having been focused on the songwriting of lead vocalist Matt Rogers and the relentless energy of drummer and co-founder Ethan SoilFleece has always been about being a band. Fleece‘s previous music had drawn from musicians no longer in the project, but it was the emergence of Megan Ennenberg (guitar/vocals) and Jameson Daniel (guitar) as members that completed the line up and contributed to the cohesive whole, the final resting place, the rebirth of Fleece.

New single, “It’s The Life,” is about faking it till you make it. Playing pretend until life feels good again. Bringing out your inner child. Fun, buoyant, hooky and splendidly addictive – stream “It’s The Life” now: