Lil Seyi continues his EP’s narrative on haunting ‘Recall (Young Man)

Taken from new EP ‘A Blue Tesla Story’ released via Kitsuné Musique

Rising Maryland born artist Lil Seyi returns with a brand new release ‘Recall (Young Man), following on from recent singles ‘Leather Free Seats’ and ‘AC Press’, lifted from the new EP ‘A Blue Tesla Story’ due this summer through Kitsuné Musique.

After the release of several singles and a wonderful ‘Remixes EP’, Lil Seyi has worked hard to come back with a project that lives up to his artistic ambitions. ‘A Blue Tesla Story’ is more than just four songs, it is a whole story, which must be listened to in its entirety, composed and performed by a young man whose trajectory is on the rise. 

Seyi, who has always been fascinated by golden era hiphop and offers an EP that combines the classic codes of the genre with his personal influences. Channeling the strong political messaging of groups like N.W.A and Public Enemy and the current social commentary of peers like Kendrick Lamar. The diversity and originality of his compositions remind us of Kanye West’s achievements, while the structure of the project and the way of linking the tracks remind us of Frank Ocean’s creations.   

Seyi explains: “The nameless main character in a A Blue Tesla Story isn’t perfect, far from it actually. The EP even opens up with him going on a joyride, rear ending a car and driving away from the scene (hit and run). This decision leads to a series of events that end in the tragic passing away of his brother at the hands of the highway patrol. The EP continues as we follow the life of this main character as he deals with the public eye of this very public trial seeking justice for his brother. We see him getting support from protestors, but we also see him under heavy scrutiny as his involvement with credit card scamming surfaces. In the end, we find him left with nothing at all as time passes by and neither the supporters nor critics seemed to care about him or his late brother anymore.”

About ‘Recall (Young Man)’: “Following the trial, the narrative overwhelmingly shifts from support to hate and distrust as it is brought to light that the main character was involved in credit card scamming and other computer related fraud schemes. He finds himself alone in his thoughts as the people closest to him begin to resent him for the events he had caused. A soft voice calls out to him to lay his burdens down, but the volume of the bitterness towards him overpowers it. Spiraling down into a depressive episode, he is only left to focus on all of his short comings and failures. He is then further frustrated by these emotions and the fact that he is not able to make things right and pull himself out of this slump “like a man”. With seemingly no reason to go on and the worlds back turned on him and no end in sight to his pain, he considers ending it all. And thats when the soft voice returns, only this time it’s heard and Identified as the voice of God. ‘Young man, young man, if you still don’t know me (i’m) Jesus, Jesús, Yeshua, i’m the one with all the scars. Young man what you waiting for, young man just come as you are’.”

Born in Prince George’s county Maryland to Nigerian Immigrants, music has always been a part of Seyi’s life. Before high-school, Seyi had taught himself how to play the guitar and drums and not so long after that he picked up the keyboard and taught himself how to produce music.

Seyi worked hard to take on the responsibilities that come with being an artist. Now he’s back with ‘A Blue Tesla Story’, an EP where thoughtful storytelling honours the wonderful music Seyi has composed for this new project.

Leather Free Seats / 15 June