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Loryn Taggart Unveils Gorgeous Single “The River”

Loryn Taggart “ The River” shares a honest lesson in trusting your gut and  intuition. — The Wandering Ear

Loryn Taggart was raised in the prairies from Hungarian roots and moved to Toronto at 16 to pursue life in music — at 18 she landed a gig playing keyboards and backing vocals with a better-than-usual Toronto-based bar band called CANVAS. That came complete with a cross-Canada on-the-road tour and a SoundClash Music Award nomination.

Following the success of her first solo EP release Irene (February 11, 2020),  Loryn landed an opening slot on renowned Canadian Folk-songwriter Donovan Woods’ solo tour. Now, Loryn is working on her debut full length album set to be released by spring of 2021.

In the meantime, Loryn has shared a new single “The River” – an acoustic, nostalgic folk track with orchestral strings and a driving rhythm.