Love Always, SKM unveils gorgeous debut ‘The Woods’

Love Always, SKM is the new project of Brighton-based songwriter Jimmy Herrity. Chronicling Herrity’s experience of complicated grief following the suicide of his elder brother, Love Always, SKM is a cathartic outlet for Herrity’s anguish.

The project is characterised by haunting melodies, brutally honest lyricism and musical arrangements ranging from lo-fi tape recordings and vocal-led ballads to chaotic electronics and ambient post-rock productions.

Debut single The Woods perfectly captures Herrity’s bittersweet, reflective style of music. Opening with Herrity’s exposed vocals, delivered with a sombre vulnerability, The Woods slowly builds into a hypnotically emotive piece of music, intimate, cathartic and eerily evocative.

Herrity on the project: “I’ve always written about the most prominent thing I’m feeling, so when my brother died I had an outlet. I didn’t have a goal really, I was just writing and, after a while, I looked back at the material and started piecing the bits together. It was a lot like making a collage out of glass with my bare hands. The result is a collection of songs I wanted to hear when I needed it the most, and I hope it can reach other people that need it too.

Channeling the introspection of the likes of Mount Eerie and Songs: Ohia with an injection of the lo-fi roots pop of Sparklehorse, Love Always, SKM is a project that will see Herrity release a number of singles over the coming 12 months, culminating in his debut album sometime in 2023.

The Woods is out now.