Love Malison release grunge-inspired single ‘Pseudo’

Ahead of headlining Camden Rocks on Saturday 14th may, four-piece London rock band Love Malison have unveiled their new single, Pseudo.

A grinding, scuzzy four breathless minutes combines the funk-metal flavour of The Real Thing era Faith No More, with the grooving angst of Around the Fur era Deftones and the industrial soundscapes of Title of Record era Filter.

Like many bands, Love Malison were born out of an unusual set of circumstances. With Ed Francis (vocals, guitar) having stepped away from music to take up a stint in acting, he was unexpectedly reunited with Thamer Shakarchi (guitar), who used to sneak into gigs underage when Ed was playing in his previous band. Their serendipitous meeting in 2019 laid the groundwork for the formation of a new band.

Leaving no stone unturned, Shakarchi worked tirelessly at his guitarist chops, as Love Malison began to form the basis of songs they were proud of. However, with the pandemic hitting the world, and the practise room off- bounds, Francis took to his laptop, producing demos out of ideas the band would throw around on a group chat, and ultimately writing what would become a collection of tracks the band would go on to record.

Love Malison also comprises Spiros Kourakis (bass) and Adam Jones (drums, vocals) – a rhythm section with a crisp ear for the kind of grooves exhibited on the bombastic new track. Having made a name for themselves on the London rock scene, the four-piece will be showcasing their raucous live performance on 14th May, as they gear up to headline their first prestigious Camden Rocks All-Dayer.

Pseudo is out now.