Lu.Ci empowering new video for ‘Control’

London based singer-songwriter / poet / musician Lu.Ci is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Control’ due this March. A poignant, empowering message fused with fluid pop influenced melodies, Lu.Ci embraces her freedom without limits or pretension.

She says: “This idea for the music video of control was to portray the change in someone as they go through the motions of losing that mental control that someone else had over them, becoming themselves again. To portray going from the dark to the light and to show the freedom that the character has now found, hence being in open spaces with nature with colour. I felt I needed to express the process of emotions from someone being released from their cage, the happiness of rediscovering themselves once again and being able to walk away and close the chapter on that situation.”
London born and bred Lu.Ci was driven by creativity from a young age. Painting, studying music, singing lessons, choir, performing in musicals and live bands. Her alternative, electro sound which combines both singing and rap comes from a compassionate core and love for spoken word poetry. A talent very evident in her lyrics, which are often deep, talk about real life and are not afraid to tell it how it is. Lu.Ci’s down to earth, genuine vibe makes you feel like you’ve known her for years and that feeling of connection really reaches out through her music. Working closely with her producer, Lu.Ci has recently had her debut single played on Amazing Radio UK and USA, including support from BBC Radio Kent; , and is currently working on her EP. 
Anybody keeping up with new and upcoming artists on the music scene will have heard Lu.Ci’s debut single, released October 2020, ‘Girl You Used To Know’ which has kicked up quite a storm on Spotify and caused a massive buzz amongst listeners. The gritty, relatable, banger of a tune will hit home for anyone that’s had their mental health pushed to the limits through toxic relationships and it has a real sense of empowerment and self worth flowing through it. 
Lu.Ci’s new single ‘Control’, which is released on 19th March 2021, is the follow up from ‘Girl You Used To Know’ and has a message of freedom. The essence of this track is when you have left that Toxic relationship, you’ve taken back the control of your own life, discovering yourself once more and finally being able to be free. This alternative, chill out, empowering track is relatable to anyone who has been through the same or similar experience.