Luke De-Sciscio’s eclectic new album ‘The Banquet’ is out now!

Singer-songwriter Luke De-Sciscio bares his soul on eclectic new album The Banquet, out now via AntiFragile Music.

The creation of the album was a cathartic process for Luke; it’s about inviting demons to the table, breaking bread with them and making peace. Throughout The Banquet, Luke takes the listener on a journey of self-reflection and understanding, not wavering at the fears of sharing his vulnerable side and the darkness that comes with it. Oozing with idiosyncratically alluring twists and turns, The Banquet combines folk-rock and baroque-pop sensibilities in order to create a sound that is undeniably unique as a result. From the warm, intimate tones of Baby it’s okay, I’m here, wake up, to the uplifting, anthemic chimes of Happy to be Here (I might die tomorrow), Luke’s effortlessly rich vibrato is at the forefront, allowing his poetic lyricism to shine through.

Luke elaborates, “it’s a love album. Not some surface level, Hollywood romance two-dimensional, veneer type thing, but a searing look into the dark, where the monsters of our past enact ramifications in our present. It’s an invitation to break bread with those monsters and to take full responsibility for them, to forgive them and accept them. To rise above them, not without them, but on account of them. I’m not ashamed of the scars – of what we endured at one another’s hands – I’m thankful”.

Luke is graduating from his ‘Folk Boy’era and entering a new phase of his journey; unafraid to break formula and push the frontiers of his own creativity. Luke has previously received support from the likes of NPRThe Line of Best FitPop MattersClash and BBC 6Music’s Cerys Matthews to name a few.