LukHash Releases New Album ‘We Are Stardust’ On NRW Records

The Edinburgh-based producer’s much anticipated new album topped the Bandcamp Overall Sales Chart on pre-orders alone and showcases a unique sound drawn from a melting pot of contemporary electronic music, synthwave, and retro arcade gaming culture… 

Residing in Edinburgh but originally from Poland, LukHash, continues his inexorable rise with the launch of his new album ‘We Are Stardust’ on influential retro synth label, NRW Records. The album already topped the Bandcamp Overall Sales Chart on pre-orders alone, underlining the extent to which this talented artist has connected with his unique blend of modern electronic music production, synthwave, dystopian cyberpunk, and retro arcade gaming cultureLukHash recently broke through 10 million streams of his music on Spotify and the release of ‘We Are Stardust’ represents another big step forward. Videos of his experimentation with custom-modified Commodore 64 computers and hacked, original Nintendo Gameboys went viral on YouTube (and more recently TikTok) and LukHash continues to find fans who share his love of futuristic tunes integrating the nostalgic sounds of an electronic past. ‘We Are Stardust’ is out now on NRW Records – stream / download here:

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LukHash’s music is infused with a strong sense of nostalgia stemming from a childhood growing up playing retro arcade games. He absorbed the 8-bit and 16-bit machine-generated sounds of the Commodore 64 and original Nintendo Gameboy, along with his parents’ collection of 80’s pop and rock and, as a classically trained guitarist, he began to incorporate all these sounds into his contemporary productions, creating a sound he sometimes describes as ‘chipwave’.

Fast forward to 2021 and LukHash has found the ideal home for his experimental approach to electronic music in NRW Records – NewRetroWave is the driving force behind the fast-emerging retro-synth scene with a YouTube channel counting 1.14 million followers and rising.

‘We Are Stardust’ is an album that explores the concept of other universes and realities, the idea that those we lose remain with us in other dimensions of time and space. It opens with ‘Cyberiad Theory’ a darkly industrial and dystopian track with thundering bassline and soaring guitars. Moving to ‘Code Veronica’, the infectious guitar riff is front and centre while the track slams into a distorted bassline and almost classical synth arpeggios. Title track ‘We Are Stardust’ bounces along retro soundchip stabs before easing into warm, nostalgic synths.

‘Turbo Challenge’ creates a sense of flying through space while LukHash’s musicality shines through with irresistible chord progressions and arpeggios. ‘Our Last Summer’ then looks back through hazy retro sunshine with a sense of melancholy and an undisguised nod to classic 80’s power ballads. ‘Dying Breath’ features the angelic, almost dreamlike vocals of Meredith Bull delivering a deeply emotive track with big chords, a jagged synth bass and acid riff creating a dystopian yet hopeful sound.

‘Abort The Mission’ ejects the listener out into unknown space once again with energetic drums and choppy bassline. The voice of mission control adds to an edgy sense of angst as the track drives forwards. ‘Impact Event’ delivers atmosphere on a grand scale with a thudding bassline, descending chords and frantic lead line. ‘Coin Op Hero’ delves into the past with the sounds of arcade gaming culture filtering through the track while it still delivers a futuristic melody. The aptly named ‘Final Boss’ closes out this stunning album with a pacey track, mixing elements of trance and darksynth with hard hitting beats and gothic vibes. 

‘We Are Stardust’ is sure to add to the fast-growing fanbase of this highly creative artist. There is a sense that LukHash is building worlds within his music and in listening we become a part of them. This album pushes his boundaries yet further and leaves behind an excitement to find out where this journey goes next.